The Beautiful Ones by Julia Sutton – review.


Caitlyn Shaw had it all.

Surrounded by loving friends and family, on the cusp of landing her dream job.

When Caitlyn suffers a traumatic event, her idyllic life is shattered.

She finds herself spiralling into an abyss of terror and despair which manifests as a psychotic break.

Subsequently hospitalised in a psychiatric unit, Caitlyn sees her future slowly slipping away from her.

Desperately ill and refusing to accept her condition, she rebels against the hospital staff.

As battle of wills ensues, Caitlyn begins her fight back to sanity, standing up and challenging the many stigmas attached to women like her.

Can Caitlyn drag herself back from the brink to fulfil her dreams?

Come and walk for a while with The Beautiful Ones.

About the author

Hi there, I was born in 1972 and live in Wolverhampton, England with my husband, two children, an energetic Border Collie and two frisky chinchillas. I studied for an English degree at the University of Wolverhampton and wrote my first novel in 2014. I am now the author of six adult novels and currently working on my seventh. I also love writing picture books for young children and am hoping to have them published in the future. I enjoy drawing, cooking, walking and watching films. Animal welfare, taking care of the environment and being kind to people interests me 🙂

Julia enjoys connecting with others on social media:-

Facebook Author page:-

Twitter:- Julia Sutton Books @booksbyjulia72

Instagram:- Julia Sutton Books

Thanks for taking an interest in my work xx

My thoughts

‘The Beautiful Ones’ is such a moving and insightful read with the theme of mental health at its core. I found it easy to root for Caitlyn from the get go. I enjoyed feeling gripped by her family dynamics, her relationships with her friends, and the real insight into her thoughts, fears and feelings.

Julia has written her characters with deep sensitivity. I can tell she cared a lot about Cait and that comes through in every word. I loved Uncle Joe too.

I thoroughly recommend this book but be prepared to go through a whole host of emotions. Loved it!

Thanks for reading!

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About Carla

Welcome to my blog! I’m the author of the DI Gina Harte Series, first book is called The Next Girl. I love and live for writing and reading (and sketching - haha). My other passion is filmmaking. My feature film 'Penny for the Guy' is a work in progress. If you enjoy a bit of horror, look out for it in the future. I'm on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Feel free to join me on other platforms. I blog about many random things but books, travel and art are my favourites.
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