If Every Day Was Christmas by Donna Ashcroft – review.


Snow is falling, fires are crackling merrily, and Lockton tradition has everyone hanging a promise they’re determined to keep this Christmas on the tree in the village square…

Meg Scott has promised to make a success of her first solo Christmas. She runs a year-round Christmas shop in the little Scottish village, and is a fan of all things mulled, sparkly and festive. So when her warring family shows up on her doorstep, ready to spread discord and tension, Meg is determined not to let them ruin her favourite time of the year.

Meanwhile, Christmas-hating Tom Riley-Clark has been called to the Highlands to help his old friend at The Apple Cross Inn. He’s ready to work hard and has no time for mince pies, tinsel or hanging a promise on the tree: the thought of every day being Christmas is his worst nightmare, and you wouldn’t catch him dead buying a bauble. So everyone is surprised when Christmas-loving Meg and grinch Tom start to get cozy under the mistletoe.

But Tom has a big secret about his past, and in a small town like Lockton it’s hard to keep anything hidden for long. Will everything fall apart when Meg discovers who he really is? The pair are about to learn the hard way that some promises are impossible to keep…

It’s time to curl up for an enchanting festive romance about learning to trust yourself, taking chances and not being afraid to fall in love. Perfect for fans of Nicola May, Debbie Macomber and Milly Johnson.

About the author

Donna Ashcroft was born in London, England and grew up in Buckinghamshire. She went to university in Lancashire and, among other things, worked as a copywriter, buyer, waitress, secretary and marketing manager.

Donna was shortlisted for the RNA Debut Romantic Novel of the Year in 2019, has had ten books published with Bookouture and is working on her next which is due out in spring 2023.

Donna loves a happy ending and is never happier than when she’s escaping into a romance novel or movie. When she’s not reading or writing she’ll probably be found hoovering … or negotiating with her kids about who is doing the washing up.

You can find Donna on Twitter @Donnashc or visit her at http://www.donna-writes.co.uk

My thoughts

It’s Christmas! Seriously this book oozes Christmas from the get go and it doesn’t slow down. I loved it. It was fun, festive and heart warming – just what a person needs in the run up to Christmas.

The relationships had me gripped. With Meg and Tom, the tension kept me glued. Then Meg’s family brought bags of drama with them. Who doesn’t love a bit of drama?

The setting couldn’t have been more perfect. Who doesn’t want snow and lots of it, with surrounding mountains and a little town where everyone knows everyone?

If you want to step into the festive season, this fab read will definitely get you in the mood. There’s romance and humour, and it comes in abundance so you can keep those pages turning!

Thanks for reading!

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The People Before by Charlotte Northedge – review. https://griffbuck.wordpress.com/2022/11/10/the-people-before-by-charlotte-northedge-review/

Carla Kovach – author of Amazon and iBooks bestselling DI Gina Harte crime series.


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The People Before by Charlotte Northedge – review.

Publisher – HarperCollins


What if your dream house became your worst nightmare?

Jess and her husband need a new start. So when the chance to buy a rambling old house in the Suffolk countryside comes up, they leap at it.

But not everyone in Suffolk is welcoming. The locals know a secret about the Maple House, and soon, Jess realises they’ve made a huge mistake.

Something bad happened in that house. Something nobody wants to talk about.

Something to do with the people before…

About the author

Charlotte Northedge is joint Head of Books for the Guardian. She has previously written for a range of newspapers and magazines, including the Guardian, Psychologies and Cosmopolitan.

She has an MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature from Birkbeck and is an alumna of the Curtis Brown Creative writing course.

The House Guest is her first novel. You can find her on Twitter: @charnorth, on Instagram: charlotte_north and on her Facebook author page: @charlottenorthedgeauthor

My thoughts

I couldn’t get enough of this creepy-as-hell book. I devoured it, taking in every word while being fully immersed in this spine-tingling novel.

I slipped into Jess’s story with ease and greedily devoured it, eager to know what was happening. I felt her isolation and the writing was so effective, I could smell the house and feel it’s coldness. That barn, those trees, and the parents at the school gate – what a lonely and claustrophobic setting for a newbie to the area.

Jess made a fabulous protagonist with her inability to settle and her secrets. The occurrences in the house left me unsettled and I truly felt for Jess and the children.

I’d say this is a great book for the bleak winter months ahead. A perfect fireside read while the wind outside howls and rain slips down the windows, but keep a candle burning. Don’t want to scare yourselves silly – haha.

I’d sum ‘The People Before’ up as having bags of mystery with the chill factor!

Thanks for reading!

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The App by Stuart James – review. https://griffbuck.wordpress.com/2022/11/04/the-app-by-stuart-james-review/

Carla Kovach – author of Amazon and iBooks bestselling DI Gina Harte crime series.


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The App by Stuart James – review.


The App…

Once you’re in, they’ll never let you leave.

Whatever happens, don’t download The App.

* It will come in the form of a link. Maybe in your DM’s on a social media account, the junk folder of your emails or a WhatsApp message from a friend.

* You’ll be enticed by the chance of winning one hundred thousand pounds on offer every Friday, wired straight into the winner’s bank account.

* It’s not a joke.

* This part is genuine.

* Someone can and will win the money.

* But at what cost?

Marty Benson gets the link sent to him by a friend. So what is the harm in looking?

He clicks it, downloads the app and enters a few basic details.

A message prompts him to wait while he’s loaded onto the system.

An hour later, another message.

• Do not delete the app.

• Do not tell anyone outside of your family about the app.

• Send the link to one person who is close to you.

* Do not throw your phone away.

* Always narrate while streaming.

• If you break any of the rules, we’ll kill a member of your family. Then we’ll kill you.

Marty is sent a picture of his wife, who is shopping with her mother in Oxford Street.

As Marty struggles to breathe, he clicks the links and watches the most recent streams, realising what happens within the app.

Every Friday morning, a person is randomly picked from social media.

They now have a bounty on their head—a death warrant. But they don’t know it.

Their profile appears on the app’s main page; all their details are displayed.

Every app member must play the game at least once a month or face the consequences.

Kill the person randomly selected from social media.

Win one hundred thousand pounds.

As Marty watches the terror unfold and everyone streaming the hunt within the app, he realises he has to do something.

But how do you stop a murder, when everyone could be the killer?

About the author by the author

Available now – The Macabre, Brand new collection of six short stories – No1 Best Seller in Amazon Horror Short Stories!

Author of world wide number 1 best selling thriller, Turn The Other Way, and International Book Award Winner for The House On Rectory Lane.


What authors have said about my thrillers.

Caroline Mitchell, NY Times bestselling author of The Perfect Mother, The Secret Child and Truth And Lies: A great read packed with twists and turns.

John Marrs, author of The Good Samaritan and The Wronged Son: Fans of Mark Edwards will very much enjoy. Definitely a writer to look out for.

Lisa Hall, author of The Party and Between You And Me: Tense and thrilling, with an ending you won’t see coming.

Jennifer Jaynes, USA Today bestselling author of Disturbed and Malice. Great job. Well crafted, deliciously twisty and kept me glued to the pages.

L A Detwiler, USA Today bestselling author of The Widow Next Door: The author is gritty, raw and dark in his writing. He is also extremely talented. I would highly recommend this read if you love a dark thriller in the same vein as Stephen King. My book of the month.

Natasha Harding from The Sun newspaper wrote about my thriller: A spooky read that will grab your attention from the very first page.

Reviewers on Amazon and Goodreads have said Stuart James has written some of the scariest thrillers they’ve read in years.

My thriller, Turn The Other Way, went world wide number 1 on 5 platforms and was chosen by Barnes And Noble as one of their top Halloween reads.

The House On Rectory Lane, won The International Book Award in horror fiction in 2020.

Apartment Six was released 29th January 2020.

Stranded released October 19th, 2020 on Amazon.

Selfie released on 12th August 2021.

Creeper released on 27th December 2021.

The Macabre released on 10 June 2022.


Current work in progress.

I’m currently working on Creeper 2, which continues the dark adventures of Billy and Declan.

Thanks so much for following me and please feel free to get in contact.

I promise I will always respond.

Twitter @StuartJames73

Facebook Stuart James author

Instagram Stuart James Author

Bookbub @StuartJames

My thoughts

What an exciting horror/thriller ‘The App’ is! From the get go, it doesn’t let up for a second. It’s a real cat and mouse thriller that will have your heart banging and your fists clenching.

I really loved the main character POVs. Marty, the victim, and Jonathan, a boy from the past. It was exciting to find the links between past and present. I’m a fan of tech based thrillers and this one was fabulous. A deadly app – yes please. I had to read it. The chapters set in the eighties were a fun read.

One particular character kept me amused in more ways than I thought possible and that was Ethel. The horrifying thrills are balanced with lashings of humour that had me chuckling on occasion.

I think, if you enjoy a classic chase and you’re a fan of ‘Black Mirror’, you’ll love this book. There is a bit of gore so be warned. It moves at lightning speed almost giving the reader whiplash as it ducks, dives and sprints for dear life.

Grab it now and be prepared for the palpitations that will follow!

Thanks for reading!

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Blind House by Jamie-Lee Brooke – review. https://griffbuck.wordpress.com/2022/10/31/blind-house-by-jamie-lee-brooke-review-2/

Carla Kovach – author of Amazon and iBooks bestselling DI Gina Harte crime series.


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Blind House by Jamie-Lee Brooke – review.


Fame is about to get deadly in this terrifying, fresh take on a haunted house thriller.

Set in an idyllic Cotswolds village, rookie paranormal investigator, Megan Forrest, is roped into investigating the strange goings-on at the home of Hollywood actor, Ross Huston.

Ross and his wife Deborah are convinced that their Victorian mansion is being haunted by the mentally ill patients who resided there in the late nineteenth century.

Patients who were brutally treated and murdered at the hands of a cruel doctor.

As Megan investigates ghosts from the past, two women from the present go missing- women who were last seen at the Huston’s property. Who was the doctor and how is everything connected?

When Megan finds herself swept up in a dangerous game, she can’t escape.

Who was the Doctor?

One thing she knows for sure, is that there is something watching her…

About the author

Jamie-Lee Brooke lives in the Worcestershire area and is an author of horror and thrillers. Blind House is her debut novel and her next project is a psychological thriller. She gets much of her inspiration from the numerous ghost hunts that she has been on and likes to play on her own fears. Her day job as a dental nurse gives her plenty of scope to imagine putting people in uncomfortable situations! She is a keen actress and has performed in a number of theatrical amateur productions. She is at her happiest when either watching movies, walking or generally anything which surrounds her in the realms of make believe.

My thoughts

What a fresh take on the haunted house genre! I absolutely loved Megan’s journey into the Huston’s creepy old house as much as the life journey she went on. The descriptions were brilliant as were the elements of mystery; the house’s past and the missing women made it so exciting to read. I literally raced through the book to get my answers.

The celebrity factor added a lot of sparkle to the creepiness. Ross and Deborah were the pair that had it all and their friend, Marc, brought a lot of humour and fun to the book.

Megan’s backstory brought plenty of depth to the book. I certainly rooted for her and hoped that forgiveness would come her way.

‘The doctor is waiting…’ How creepy is that tag line? Waiting for what? Whatever it is it can’t be good. I instantly wanted to know who the doctor was and boy does this statement pack a punch. With the house’s past, I couldn’t wait to discover more and there were a lot of sinister thoughts going through my head.

‘Blind House’ has a spine-tingling cover too and I’m thrilled to say that the content matches up to this cover image. This book is thrilling, scary and definitely one to read if you love the supernatural and a damn fine mystery.

Again, that question… who is the doctor? Grab yourself a copy and find out, but keep the lights on. Don’t get scared now… You never know what’s lurking around the corner…

Thanks for reading!

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Cat Lady by Dawn O’Porter – review. https://griffbuck.wordpress.com/2022/10/27/cat-lady-by-dawn-oporter-review/

Carla Kovach – author of Amazon and iBooks bestselling DI Gina Harte crime series.


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Cat Lady by Dawn O’Porter – review.



Single, independent, crazy, aloof, on-the-shelf, lives alone . . .

It’s safer for Mia to play the part that people expect. She’s a good wife to her husband Tristan, a doting stepmother, she slips on her suit for work each morning like a new skin.

But beneath the surface, there’s another woman just clawing to get out . . .

When a shocking event shatters the conventional life she’s been so careful to build, Mia is faced with a choice. Does she live for a society that’s all too quick to judge, or does she live for herself?

And if that’s as an independent woman with a cat, then the world better get ready . . .

Fresh, funny and for anyone who’s ever felt astray, CAT LADY will help you belong – because a woman always lands on her feet.

About the author

DAWN O’PORTER lives in Los Angeles with her husband Chris, her two boys Art and Valentine, and her cat Lilu and dog Potato.

Dawn started out in TV production but quickly landed in front of the camera, making numerous documentaries that included immersive investigations of Polygamy, Size Zero, Childbirth, Free Love, Breast Cancer and the movie Dirty Dancing. Further TV work included This Old Thing, a prime-time Channel 4 show celebrating the wonders of vintage clothing.

Dawn’s journalism has appeared in multiple publications and she was the monthly columnist for Glamour magazine. She is now a full-time writer of six books – although she would probably have written sixteen if it weren’t for her addiction to Instagram Stories.

Most recently, Dawn has written the script for Especially for You, a jukebox musical using the infamous Stock Aitken and Waterman back catalogue. The show will open with a national tour in early 2020.

My thoughts

Wowser! I absolutely sped through this book because I couldn’t put it down. It was simply purrfect, hehe.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but at the back of my mind, I expected compelling characters, sprinklings of wit and something deeply thoughtful as I’d read some of Dawn’s previous work. And… drumroll… I got exactly that. I also got a warm heart and a broken heart. This book literally put me through turmoil.

As for Mia, I adored her no nonsense approach and the fact that she knew what she wanted. I also warmed to her vulnerability too. The extended cast of characters including her colleagues, her sister’s family, her support group and her husband, really brought everything to zingy life.

Midway through the book, I almost felt my heart stop. Not saying anything, but when you get there, you’ll know. I welcomed Pigeon’s presence too.

I feel as though I’ve been through it all with this one. What a journey. I’m not likely to forget ‘Cat Lady’ in a hurry.

I loved every minute of this book. It’s super fabulous. Put it on your reading list, now!

Thanks for reading!

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The Sleepover by Keri Beevis – review. https://griffbuck.wordpress.com/2022/10/24/the-sleepover-by-keri-beevis-review/

Carla Kovach – author of Amazon and iBooks bestselling DI Gina Harte crime series.


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NEWS ALERT! Her Deadly Promise – DI Gina Harte book 13.

Release date for Kindle, audio and paperback – 2nd Dec 2022.


Four-year-old Kayden has been sitting alone on the little patch of tired grass outside his house for hours. His cheeks are wet with tears as he waits for his mother’s warm embrace. But she’ll never arrive to pick up her darling boy. She’ll never be seen again…

Church Road is a quiet corner of suburbia where happy families play in the local park and neighbours smile as they pass in the street. But behind the bright red door of number 8 lies the body of Billie Reeves, a young mum who just took her last breath.

Serena is Billie’s sister. When she found out her boyfriend had been obsessively calling Billie, she’d all but cut her from her life. But not before vowing she would make Billie pay for ruining her relationship…

Shaun is Billie’s ex-boyfriend. He left her the moment she fell pregnant. When he turned up at Billie’s door, demanding to see Kayden, she refused to take the risk of him hurting her precious son. He’ll do whatever it takes to get his little boy back…

Nadia is Billie’s best friend. Their kids attended the same school and Billie often opened up to Nadia about her struggles as a single mother. She knows Billie’s deepest, darkest secret. She promised never to tell, but that was before the argument…

When police investigate the quiet little street, they discover everyone was whispering about Billie’s late-night callers. What was going on behind the closed door of Billie’s small home? And if someone was prepared to kill her, what do they know, and who will be next?

Fans of Angela Marsons, Cara Hunter and Clare Mackintosh, will love Her Deadly Promise – a completely gripping crime thriller that will have you hooked from the very first page!


Amazon: https://geni.us/B0BJPR6S44cover

Apple: http://ow.ly/yYVU50LgczU

Kobo: http://ow.ly/9zW650LfBxh

Google: http://ow.ly/5v0e50Lgeav

Alternatively, if you are a blogger or reviewer, you can request an advanced copy through NetGalley.


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The Sleepover by Keri Beevis – review.


When you’re a kid, you imagine monsters to have horns and fangs. That they hide under the bed or in the wardrobe. And you believe they can only come after you when it’s dark.

You don’t expect them to look like everyday people or that they may be someone you already know…

The summer in question started out with hot, fun-filled days and new friendships.

We had just turned thirteen and had our whole lives ahead of us.

But that was before her…

Before we became known as the Hixton Five and our lives become defined by one night.

It’s hard to believe twenty years have passed since she was locked away.

But now she’s free and strange things have started to happen.

When I close my eyes, the creeping anxiety and fear is overwhelming and all too real.

Because the monster is back, and I know she has a score to settle with us.

About the author

Keri Beevis is the internationally bestselling author of Dying To Tell and Deep Dark Secrets. Her other titles include Trust No One, Every Little Breath, The People Next Door and With Friends Like These. Dying To Tell reached no. 1 in the Amazon chart in Australia and was a top 25 hit in the UK, while Deep Dark Secrets was the bestselling Bloodhound Books title of 2020.

Keri lives in Norfolk, England, with her two naughty kitties, Ellie and Lola, and a plentiful supply of red wine (her writing fuel). She loves Hitchcock movies, exploring creepy places, and gets extremely competitive in local pub quizzes. She is also a self-confessed klutz.

In March 2022, it was announced Keri had signed a four novel deal with Boldwood Books. Her first title with them, The Sleepover, will be released in October 2022.

Find out more about Keri and her books at http://www.keribeevis.com or you can follow her on social media at




My thoughts

Ooh, what a tense thriller! I loved the different POV’s, including that of an unnamed perp. There were some hard hitting themes explored. I found the story really got under my skin, giving me the creeps on many occasions.

This book delivered an abundance of nail-biting moments and other parts left me sad. Teenagers are a particularly vulnerable group and my foray into this story almost made me nervous to the gut.

Hannah made a great protagonist and I loved supporting cast members, Liam and Rosie, who both had their own stories to tell. All perspectives were neatly woven together, just giving enough away at exactly the right times.

‘The Sleepover’ is a twisty psychological thriller that will have you racing towards the big finale at breakneck speed. Don’t expect to sleep until you’ve devoured the very last page. Loved it!

Thanks for reading!

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The Nursery by Sue Watson – review. https://griffbuck.wordpress.com/2022/10/20/the-nursery-by-sue-watson-review/

Carla Kovach – author of Amazon and iBooks bestselling DI Gina Harte crime series.


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The Nursery by Sue Watson – review.


Then: Morning light shines into the nursery, casting shadows across the pale pink walls and wooden cot in the middle of the room. She opens the door expecting to hear the soft coo of her daughter Sofia stretching herself awake. But the room is silent. The cot is empty. Her little girl has vanished…

Now: Twelve years have passed, but Emily will never forget the night her life changed forever and she’s happy to have her daughter back beside her. A teenager now, Sofia, who was once a star student, is getting into trouble at school and she’s started asking questions about when she was a baby, but Emily can’t tell her what really happened the night she went missing. Nobody would understand why Emily did what she did, and if anyone ever found out, she could lose her daughter forever.

But when Emily catches Sofia messaging a stranger online, and as she reads the last message received, her heart pounds in her chest.

Your mother isn’t who you think she is.

Days later, Emily returns home to find the house silent. She checks every room but Sofia has vanished, again. She shudders as she remembers that night in the nursery. Has her past finally caught up with her? And is she already too late to save her precious daughter?

A completely gripping, utterly twisted thriller that will leave your jaw on the floor. Perfect for fans of Gone Girl, The Wife Between Us and The Woman in the Window.

About the author

Sue Watson was a TV Producer at the BBC until she wrote her first book and was hooked.

Now a USA Today bestselling author, Sue has sold over a million books and explores the darker side of life, writing psychological thrillers with big twists. Originally from Manchester, she now lives with her family in leafy Worcestershire where much of her day is spent writing – and procrastinating. Her hobby is eating cake while watching diet and exercise programmes from the sofa, a skill she’s perfected after many years of practice.

For more info visit Sue’s website; http://www.suewatsonbooks.com/

Sue would love to meet you on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/suewatsonbooks

Follow Sue on Twitter @suewatsonwriter

My thoughts

‘The Nursery’ had me gripped from the first page. In fact, I couldn’t put the book down, that’s how addictive it was. The opening was an absolute chiller and this page-turner had me fully absorbed for hours. I’m still shocked at all the twisty revelations. Wowee!

I loved the ups and downs that occurred between Emily and her teenage daughter, Sophia. I felt the love and the tension. The fragility of the teenager/parent relationship was portrayed in a totally real way and I felt every one of Emily’s worries.

As for the location, I adored the seaside town. The atmospheric wintery descriptions set the tone perfectly. Then the stalkery occurrences gave me goosebumps. There were some really creepy and unforgettable moments.

Emily’s friend, Nancy, was a brilliant character and I enjoyed the drama she brought to the table. I had a million theories as to what was going on but nothing added up, until the fabulous denouement. Everything came together beautifully and shockingly. Again, all I can say again is wow as I don’t want to spoil a single thing.

Psych thriller fans, do not miss this book. Grab it, devour it and be chilled by it!

Thanks for reading!

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The Good Husband by Abigail Osborne – review. https://griffbuck.wordpress.com/2022/10/11/the-good-husband-by-abigail-osborne-review/

Carla Kovach – author of Amazon and iBooks bestselling DI Gina Harte crime series.


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The Good Husband by Abigail Osborne – review.


A shopping trip on Black Friday shoppers leads to Elsie’s tragic death—and leaves Jack, her husband of thirty-seven years, devastated. Unable to cope with his grief, he flees to his childhood home to be with his father, an overbearing religious zealot who puts his faith before everything—even his son.

Jack’s father convinces him that Elsie had not died in vain. Her life was sacrificed to give Jack the strength he needs for his mission: to rid the world of greed. Embittered by his loss, Jack soon sets out to punish the depraved and eradicate the sinners from the world. The greedy killed his wife, and now they must pay. But how far is Jack willing to go to fulfil God’s plan—and how many innocent people will die?

About the author

Abigail Osborne is an author and also runs her own business supporting students and people in the workplace with their disabilities. Abigail is originally from the Lake District but moved to the West Midlands for University where she completed an English Literature & History degree. She lives in Worcestershire with her husband and is a board game fanatic, owning over 70 games. She has a huge collection of books, plays the violin, and is currently learning the piano.

You can follow her on

Twitter @Abigail_Author

Facebook: abigailosborneauthor

Tiktok: abigailosbornewrites

Instagram: abigailosborneauthor

Website: http://www.abigailosborne.co.uk

My thoughts

This is one helluva disturbing psychological thriller, or should I say psychological horror? It’s not for the easily scared. Jack’s journey with his scary religious father made for a compelling read and the events that followed – eek!

There were some heartbreaking scenes. I really enjoyed Adina’s POV and I’m sure a lot of people will find her relatable. Each chapter takes the reader deep into their world of darkness in which there is seemingly no escape for the protagonist. There are shocks galore and surprises to be had.

I loved that is was set at the Malvern Hills, what a wonderfully bleak landscape.

Great for Halloween and fabulous for those who love a deep character journey. Go and grab a copy!

Thanks for reading!

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Love In The Spotlight by Julia Sutton https://griffbuck.wordpress.com/2022/10/04/love-in-the-spotlight-by-julia-sutton/

Carla Kovach – author of Amazon and iBooks bestselling DI Gina Harte crime series.


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Love In The Spotlight by Julia Sutton


When Elizabeth Ryan is demoted on Christmas Eve, she resigns herself to a dismal future: selling kitchen utensils in a large department store.

The New Year looks bleak, but a chance encounter on a karaoke evening at her local pub introduces her to the glittering world of showbiz. The Rebels are an up-and-coming pop band who are preparing for a whirlwind tour of the UK. After some persuasion, Elizabeth auditions and is astonished when she is taken on as their backing singer.

Leaving her sleepy Cornish fishing village behind, Elizabeth moves to the manic noise of London. Catapulted into a world of fame, will she succeed in the dazzling world of music and open her heart once more to the possibility of love?

About the author by the author

Hi there, I was born in 1972 and live in Wolverhampton, England with my husband, two children, an energetic Border Collie and two frisky chinchillas. I studied for an English degree at the University of Wolverhampton and wrote my first novel in 2014. I am now the author of six adult novels and currently working on my seventh. I also love writing picture books for young children and am hoping to have them published in the future. I enjoy drawing, cooking, walking and watching films. Animal welfare, taking care of the environment and being kind to people interests me 🙂

Julia enjoys connecting with others on social media:-

Facebook Author page:- http://www.facebook.com/booksbyjulia1972

Twitter:- Julia Sutton Books @booksbyjulia72

Instagram:- Julia Sutton Books

Thanks for taking an interest in my work xx

My thoughts

This was a totally fun read! Elizabeth’s journey from the ordinary was an exciting one to follow. I loved her comedic interactions and the fact that the story started around Christmas and New Year.

The gorgeous Cornwall setting was a stark contrast to the excitement of the big smoke. ‘Love in the Spotlight’ is full of laughs and it follows the dream. There was a special moment in the book that involves Elizabeth’s workplace and I was absolutely elated when it happened.

Through the giggles, Julia explores the theme of grief and how a person finds a way of moving on. Delightful!

Thanks for reading!

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Time To Kill by MA Comley- review. https://griffbuck.wordpress.com/2022/09/28/time-to-kill-by-ma-comley-review/

Carla Kovach – author of Amazon and iBooks bestselling DI Gina Harte crime series.


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