The Silent Midwinter by Jamie-Lee Brooke – review!


Kate processes the mail day in, day out at Standington Prison. With her home life turning stale, she spends her days obsessing over the correspondence between an inmate and his girlfriend. Who is sexy Anna West and what does she see in a cold-blooded killer?

Kate also suspects her husband of having an affair. Harper, her stepdaughter, is full of teenage angst and resentment towards her. Her other stepdaughter, seven-year-old Felicity, has selective mutism, brought on by the trauma following her mother’s death.

One risky move follows another as Kate delves deeper and deeper into Anna West’s life. She’s not prepared for the danger she stumbles into – danger that will threaten her whole family as they are swept into a web of secrets and lies.

Just how far will Kate go to save her family?

The Silent Midwinter is an edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller with a shocking twist that will floor you.

About the author

Jamie-Lee Brooke lives in the Worcestershire area and is an author of horror and thrillers. Blind House is her debut novel and her next book, The Silent midwinter, will be out sometime in 2023. She gets much of her inspiration from the numerous ghost hunts that she has been on and likes to play on her own fears. Her day job as a dental nurse gives her plenty of scope to imagine putting people in uncomfortable situations! She is a keen actress and has performed in a number of theatrical amateur productions. She is at her happiest when either watching movies, walking or generally anything which surrounds her in the realms of make believe.

My thoughts

Ooh, this book had it all and so much more! This crime/psychological thriller had me totally captivated. Who wouldn’t want to follow Kate’s journey as a prison mailroom worker? We see how she obsesses over a certain prisoner and the correspondence that flies back and forth between him and a captivating partner. I was like some curtain twitcher, drawn into her private world and I couldn’t get enough.

Then, there was her charming little family. I absolutely loved the way the family drama played out between Kate, Jon, Harper and little Felicity. The chapters from Harper’s POV were beyond convincing. All that teen anger and curiosity really drove the plot at breakneck speed and I felt the divisions she was creating. Harper is a fabulous character.

I also have to mention Mala’s character. I absolutely adored Mala and Kate’s scenes.

So many themes are touched upon and this book’s twists and turns will send you dizzy with amazement. One of which, floored me! I feel ‘The Silent Midwinter’ would be an amazing book club read as there is so much depth and the character development is amazing. It’s a book that needs to be talked about after.

If you’re after thrills and twists, you need this book in your life now. Abandon all your jobs, cancel your appointments and read it right now. It will suck you into its web and put you through an emotional wringer. I loved, loved, loved, it!

Thanks for reading!

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