Open Your Eyes by Heather J Fitt – review.


A Scottish journalist enters a dark online world in this unsettling novel about resentment and rage . . .

Edinburgh reporter Frankie has finally been assigned a high-profile crime story about a series of sexual assaults, and she relishes her big break. Her article focuses on the issue of women’s safety and looks at why conditions haven’t improved since the era of the Yorkshire Ripper.

Frankie begins to face a torrent of abuse online, attracting the attention of a group of men who want to prevent her from covering the story. But she won’t back down. What she doesn’t realise is that in this murky online world, one man is plotting a spectacular and shocking attack. Can Frankie continue to investigate and walk away unharmed?

About the author

Heather was born in Scotland and after moving around Europe with her parents and sister, settled in Hampshire where she met her husband, Stuart.

After leaving the rat-race in 2018, Heather re-trained as an editor and proof-reader and entered the world of publishing. These days she works as a part-time freelancer and a part-time Commissioning Advisor for Bloodhound.

Heather was inspired to start writing her novel by the authors who have become her closest friends. Now the ideas are flowing she has plans to write several more over the coming years.

When she isn’t reading, Heather enjoys spending her time watching sport – especially her beloved rugby – and exploring the British countryside with Stuart.

My thoughts

Wow, what and amazing and very current read! I thought the insight into the world of incels must have taken a lot of research and it was well worth it. I’ve dipped into this particular rabbit hole for my own research in the past and I can appreciate how disturbing it is to see this escalating abuse with your own eyes. The articles that were included between some of the chapters made fabulous reading.

I loved Frankie’s character and her growth when it came to feminism. Todd was the perfect partner for her in this story and the tension between them – brilliant. The Liam chapters both saddened me and chilled me to the core. ‘Open Your Eyes,’ is a fantastic debut and one not to miss.

If you love a tense and scary read that slaps you in the face as a real world threat at the moment, this is the book for you!

Thanks for reading!

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