Lucky by Rachel Edwards – review.


Etta wants to get married. Ola, her partner, says he does too, but he’s also allergic to making concrete plans and keeps insisting that they save enough for a house deposit before they even think of marriage.

So Etta finds a way to start secretly making money: online gambling. And how lucky that she just happens to be so good at it.

Soon she’s playing quite a lot. She doesn’t like lying to Ola, but it’s all for the good of their relationship. She’s even made a friend on the site, StChristopher75, and she’s invited to a special VIP party. And even if she is losing a little money here and there – or even quite a lot – she’ll win it back eventually. In the mean time, perhaps StChristopher75 can help her out with a little loan, once she’s met him in real life. He’s just won big, and he’s been so friendly and helpful.

And he says her photo’s hot. Why wouldn’t he want to help her?

About the author

Rachel Edwards is an alumna of King’s College London where she read French with English BA (Hons). She won an Arts Council award for her fiction and worked as a freelance writer for over 12 years prior to publishing her debut novel ‘Darling’ with Fourth Estate, HarperCollins. Her articles feature in the national press, including The Guardian and The Sunday Times, and she is a regular guest at literary festivals and on BBC radio. Her second novel, ‘Lucky’, will be out on 24th June 2021.

My thoughts

Oh my! This book is full steam ahead and boy was I hooked as soon as main character, Etta, hit the gambling sites. I felt so much heartache for her with her addiction to gambling and this book had it all when it came to intricately exploring the psychological issues surrounding it. At times I wanted to jump into the book and try to fix her life as I tensely bit through my nails.

My heart banged away as Etta fell further down the rabbit hole, where danger lurked in the shadows. I felt every uncomfortable moment of her dark descent, her inner turmoil and the external threat that lingered.

I loved the setting of her bleak rented house which she tolerated while trying to save for her dream home with partner, Ola. Her dream life, hanging on a thread as she chased the promise of a carrot if only she took a chance of another spin. There is far more to this story than the gambling but I don’t want to ruin it for you. There are thrills aplenty and they don’t let go until the end.

I would definitely recommend ‘Lucky.’ It’s one exhilarating read!

Thanks for reading!

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