The Lake House by Derek Coleman – review.


Andy Latchford runs a small air transport business and occasionally he does jobs that are strictly cash in hand. Early in March he was hired to fly two girls up to a the lake house. He was supposed to pick them up later but they didn’t contact him. Now they’ve turned up dead, the police have evidence he killed them and his only hopes of proving his innocence are Dean and Steph. Can they find the evidence or must he spend the rest of his life in prison?

About the author

Derek Coleman was born in Birmingham in the heart of the United Kingdom but now lives in West Virginia, USA in a land where the tree-clad mountains dip into the Ohio River Valley. He has been writing virtually since he was big enough to hold a pen, has won various prizes and has an ongoing column in the Putnam Herald newspaper.

An avid fan of military history he is the author of numerous articles, particularly on the Revolutionary War.

‘Guilty?’ was his first novel featuring the crime-fighting duo, Dean and Steph. It proved so popular he has written the sequels, ‘Beneficiary’, ‘Traitor’, ‘Innocent’ and ‘Cheating’, all with 5 star reviews. Joining them is ‘The Litchfield Conspiracy’, a political thriller, Weoley, a blockbuster covering the story of a castle over 900 turbulent years, “Hessians’ and ‘Liberty’, books set against the background of the Revolutionary War.

‘DA’, the hunt for a serial killer, ‘Hunted’, a breathtaking chase across two continents and ‘The Prince’s Puzzle’, a 17th century detective mystery complete the set for now but more are in the pipeline.

My thoughts

Oh wow! What another fantastic addition to the Dean and Steph investigations series. This private detective led crime thriller starts with a huge bang. This is a story of corruption, blackmail and murder, with suspects in high places.

It’s an exciting read and Dean and Steph make the perfect lead characters. Having a husband and wife duo taking the lead gives the book a cosy feel but don’t be mistaken, the crimes are anything but cosy. The chemistry between them is a delight to read. As for the crime, with so many people making up the suspect list, it had me flitting back and forth in my mind as I tried to work out who did it and why.

‘The Lake House’ also feels like an adventure, one in which takes the leads off on travels whilst trying to prove Andy the pilot’s innocence and find the culprit! Or did he do it? Hmm, so many avenues to go down.

I loved the action-packed denouement. All in all, a thoroughly exciting read which I’d definitely recommend to crime fiction lovers!

Thanks for reading!

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  2. Derek Harold Coleman says:

    Thank you so much Carla, coming from you that review is worth its weight in gold!

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