The Perfect Liar by Beverley Harvey – review.

Publication date: 6th November, 2020.


‘Are you sure he’s someone you can trust? We know nothing at all about him. Who is he, really?’

Susanne and her two best friends have been dreaming of a holiday. All of them need an escape. Especially Susanne, who is reeling from the news that her ex is getting remarried. They need the warm Tuscan sun, delicious Italian food and wine, and – most of all – the time to unwind with each other. What they get is Harry.

Handsome, charming and great company, Harry soon sweeps Susanne off her feet for a holiday fling. And why not? Except that everything he’s told them is a lie.

Who is the man they’ve let into their house – who Susanne has let into her bed? They have no idea what Harry is capable of – what he’s done to get this far, and what he’s prepared to do to ensure he gets his way.

By the time they find out, it will be too late to stop their dream holiday becoming a nightmare.

An utterly addictive, page-turning thriller with a jaw-dropping twist. If you loved The Girlfriend, The Holiday and Something in the Water, you’ll be completely gripped by The Perfect Liar.

About the author


“A very skilled, wise, and intuitive writer, who creates fully-fleshed, highly relatable characters… Will keep you hooked to the very last page!”

From a tender age, a diet of Enid Blyton ignited Beverley Harvey’s love of books and she’s been reading ever since – albeit her tastes are more varied these days.

Throughout Beverley’s many years spent working in advertising and PR, she’d always wanted to write fiction. In 2015 a creative writing course inspired her debut novel, Seeking Eden, which was published in 2017. The sequel, Eden Interrupted, soon followed.

Beverley’s third novel – The Perfect Liar, her first with Bookouture – is a departure from contemporary romance and fulfils a long-time goal to publish a gripping psychological thriller. Book Four (her second thriller) is also underway.

Born in Yorkshire, and raised in Kent, Beverley currently lives in West Sussex with her partner and their adorable terrier. When not writing, you’ll find her reading, walking the dog or listening to rock music.

My thoughts

This fabulous read lured me in easily. It was like, ooh err, all is lovely, these ladies are on holiday… wonderful stuff! Until something shifted. At first it was subtle but then… alarm bells!

The first few chapters entertainingly introduced me to Susie, Dale and Evie. Three women with totally unique voices, and I enjoyed reading each of their points of view.

I had vibes of holiday romance, laughs, and stacks of fun but with a sinister undertone, after all, it is a psychological thriller. The story centres around when Susie met Harry. He had this godlike vibe about him that had me screaming, ‘watch yourself Susie.’ But hey, where would the fun in that be? It’s a thriller after all, so go ahead, Susie. Maybe it will all just work out. Did it work out? You’ll have to read it to get the answer to that one but the ending is a touch of greatness. That final chapter was fab and set my mind whirring.

The journey was fantastic and the characters were totally memorable, and the revelations – oh my! Evie’s more reserved nature contrasted brilliantly against Dale’s tell-it-like-it-is. The secrets and lies must come to a head and bam! I wasn’t disappointed. ‘The Perfect Liar’ is a brilliant psychological thriller set in Tuscany and I loved it.

I felt the balmy warmth slowly turn into suffocation and I felt trust slowly being eroded. This book is totally addictive which is why I read it in two sittings. It’s an easy read, one of those where you don’t really see the words on the pages. Super!

Thanks for reading!

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