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The Next Girl – Carla Kovach – coming soon. 

The Next Girl – coming soon. Only 99p to preorder. … She shivered in the ice cold, dirty room that was little more than a cupboard. ‘Please take me home,’ she begged him. ‘You are home,’ he said before locking the … Continue reading

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FREE download of Whispers Beneath the Pines – today. 

FREE. Whispers Beneath the Pines Twenty two year old classroom assistant Eve leaves England for sunny Turkey with her four childhood friends and Kevin; her first love who she hasn’t seen for six years. The group plan to have one … Continue reading

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Vegan Delights in Shrewsbury.

We had a short break in Hoylake last year and I called my blog post, A Rainy Day in Hoylake. Typically British, we’ve chosen the wrong day again. We are having another little break and this time we’re spending a … Continue reading

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More photos of the derelict hotel buildings in Iҫmeler

First things first. This trek is a tad dangerous and I wouldn’t advise you to attempt it. There are barriers for a reason. If like me you decide to climb the fence or go up the steps on the other … Continue reading

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8 office offenders you could do without

I know the following are first world problems and I know they aren’t particularly important, but have you ever had a small niggle, one that has fermented over time into something huge to the point where you feel a breakdown … Continue reading

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To Let – 99p special offer next weekend!!

If you enjoyed ‘Whispers Beneath the Pines,’ you may enjoy psychological thriller ‘To Let.’ ‘To Let’ will be 99p next weekend on a Kindle Countdown promotion. If you enjoy a dark psychological thriller, don’t forget to bag a reduced price … Continue reading

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A Rainy Afternoon in Hoylake

First time in lovely Hoylake and it’s raining. Typical bank holiday weather, but we’re staying in a pub, yay! Hoylake is on the northern tip of the Wirral Peninsula.    On approach, Hoylake comes across as a small town with … Continue reading

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