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Penny for the Guy – trailer

Check out the trailer to our latest short horror film. It was shot on location in Redditch. If you’d like to know more, take a look at ‘Penny for the Guy’ or Big Frog Films on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Penny-For-The-Guy-Horror-film/258999864294298?ref=bookmarks https://www.facebook.com/groups/bigfrogproductions/?fref=ts There … Continue reading

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Anthony on Cleopatra’s Beach

Anthony on Cleopatra’s Beach by Carla Kovach. He swallowed, dry as a dust rag. Water, he needed water. As he turned, the sand scratched his sun-burned back. “Bloody hell,” he murmured. He prised his left eye open and flinched as … Continue reading

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How more restaurants are serving up the survey.

When was the last time you ate at a well know chain restaurant and left without a survey being thrust at you, (albeit with a smile) before you could escape out of the door? Imagine it. You’ve just finished work … Continue reading

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Lucy’s Regret by Carla Kovach

Lucy’s Regret She lay on the grave of Judas Elm, listening for the chime of midnight. Inevitable and close, she shivered. Was it the cold dank air or the destination ahead? ‘I’m here for you, this is your time’ was … Continue reading

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