The App by Stuart James – review.


The App…

Once you’re in, they’ll never let you leave.

Whatever happens, don’t download The App.

* It will come in the form of a link. Maybe in your DM’s on a social media account, the junk folder of your emails or a WhatsApp message from a friend.

* You’ll be enticed by the chance of winning one hundred thousand pounds on offer every Friday, wired straight into the winner’s bank account.

* It’s not a joke.

* This part is genuine.

* Someone can and will win the money.

* But at what cost?

Marty Benson gets the link sent to him by a friend. So what is the harm in looking?

He clicks it, downloads the app and enters a few basic details.

A message prompts him to wait while he’s loaded onto the system.

An hour later, another message.

• Do not delete the app.

• Do not tell anyone outside of your family about the app.

• Send the link to one person who is close to you.

* Do not throw your phone away.

* Always narrate while streaming.

• If you break any of the rules, we’ll kill a member of your family. Then we’ll kill you.

Marty is sent a picture of his wife, who is shopping with her mother in Oxford Street.

As Marty struggles to breathe, he clicks the links and watches the most recent streams, realising what happens within the app.

Every Friday morning, a person is randomly picked from social media.

They now have a bounty on their head—a death warrant. But they don’t know it.

Their profile appears on the app’s main page; all their details are displayed.

Every app member must play the game at least once a month or face the consequences.

Kill the person randomly selected from social media.

Win one hundred thousand pounds.

As Marty watches the terror unfold and everyone streaming the hunt within the app, he realises he has to do something.

But how do you stop a murder, when everyone could be the killer?

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Lisa Hall, author of The Party and Between You And Me: Tense and thrilling, with an ending you won’t see coming.

Jennifer Jaynes, USA Today bestselling author of Disturbed and Malice. Great job. Well crafted, deliciously twisty and kept me glued to the pages.

L A Detwiler, USA Today bestselling author of The Widow Next Door: The author is gritty, raw and dark in his writing. He is also extremely talented. I would highly recommend this read if you love a dark thriller in the same vein as Stephen King. My book of the month.

Natasha Harding from The Sun newspaper wrote about my thriller: A spooky read that will grab your attention from the very first page.

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My thoughts

What an exciting horror/thriller ‘The App’ is! From the get go, it doesn’t let up for a second. It’s a real cat and mouse thriller that will have your heart banging and your fists clenching.

I really loved the main character POVs. Marty, the victim, and Jonathan, a boy from the past. It was exciting to find the links between past and present. I’m a fan of tech based thrillers and this one was fabulous. A deadly app – yes please. I had to read it. The chapters set in the eighties were a fun read.

One particular character kept me amused in more ways than I thought possible and that was Ethel. The horrifying thrills are balanced with lashings of humour that had me chuckling on occasion.

I think, if you enjoy a classic chase and you’re a fan of ‘Black Mirror’, you’ll love this book. There is a bit of gore so be warned. It moves at lightning speed almost giving the reader whiplash as it ducks, dives and sprints for dear life.

Grab it now and be prepared for the palpitations that will follow!

Thanks for reading!

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