White Boyfriend by LeeSha McCoy – review.


She’s Black, he’s white. She’s a workaholic, he’s the definition of laid back. He’s into hiking, and she can just about make it to the bar in a pair of stilettos. Could they be any more different?

Nikki has it all—a great career, a gorgeous apartment and a boyfriend who is basically perfect. Okay, maybe things have grown a little too comfortable—missionary and an early night, anyone?—but Nikki can handle boring if it means keeping hot and wholesome Bron in her life.

But then, the unthinkable happens. Bron walks out one evening before Nikki’s even started her dinner. Left sobbing into her soup, Nikki’s best friends waste no time throwing her back into the deep end of the dating pool. But the grass is definitely not greener in the land of Singledom. Sure, a girl has needs, but even good sex isn’t worth getting hit on doing the downward dog in a yoga class. Is it time to blow the cobwebs off the pink plastic lover she’s exiled to the back of her sock drawer?

But then Nikki meets Mike—who she really, really doesn’t have anything in common with. Not only is he the only white guy she’s ever dated, he’s kind of a dork… and a terrible dancer. That doesn’t stop him from being sexy though, with his tousled brown hair and goofy smile, in a strictly no-strings-attached, this-is-definitely-not-serious way. Because two people as different as Nikki and Mike could never actually make a relationship work, right?

Everyone says opposites attract, but Nikki is about to discover there are no rules when it comes to love. And when Bron comes knocking, begging to take her back, the rule book goes right out the window. What if Nikki really needs to find herself before she finds her man?

This sweet, sexy, feel-good page-turner is perfect for fans of Talia Hibbert, The Friend Zone and The Hating Game.

My thoughts

One thing I have to say is that this book took me on a journey. Nikki is so browbeaten by expectation, I wanted her to find a way out of that mindset. The theme of seeking parental approval way into adulthood shone through in this book. It was so well handled and I totally got it.

I enjoyed the friendships within Nikki’s little group. The relationships were fun, bold and warm. For the friendship factor alone, White Boyfriend, provided a lot of entertainment and light humour. I loved the holiday scenes. They certainly brought the laughs along.

I found myself mulling over the ending for a while. To me, it was perfect. This is a story about one woman finally having the freedom to find herself and that was a joy to read!

Thanks for reading!

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