Push Back by James Marx – review.


Framed for the kidnapping of his nephew and the murder of two cops, retired police detective and ex-US Ranger Dean Riley finds himself fighting a one-man war to save everything he holds dear.

In a race against time, Riley must call on all his skills, training and determination to rescue his nephew and clear his name.

Finding himself pitched against those he once trusted as colleagues, he uncovers a conspiracy of lies and corruption that threatens to overwhelm everyone in its path.

Can Riley stay alive long enough to track down his nephew?

How deep does the corruption go, and is there anyone left he can trust?

If you love action-packed thrillers in the vein of Jack Reacher and Jason Bourne, then you’ll love Push Back – a high octane read that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

About the author

Born in the late sixties and a confirmed petrolhead, James Marx started his working life as a motor vehicle engineer before making a curious switch into the soul-destroying world of IT and systems analysis where he wasted a couple of decades. Redundancy came as a merciful release, after which James joined a good friend in running a small videography and photography studio.

What the IT career did allow was the chance for James and his wife to enjoy some interesting holidays and experiences, such as holding crocodiles in Egypt, sailing a tall ship off New Zealand, almost driving a 4×4 off a Greek mountainside, walking with wolves and dancing on an active volcano.

Since pre-teen years James has revelled in the escapism of action and adventure novels, enjoys various collaborative storytelling role-playing games (like Dungeons and Dragons), and loves spending time writing.

James currently lives in suburban Worcestershire with his wife Anna and a couple of much loved but murderous tortie cats.

My thoughts

Ooh, this is a thoroughly gritty edge-of-your-seat read! Dean Riley is a fantastic protagonist, one who will have you screaming with tension as he bursts through every door. I loved how his peaceful retired life got rudely interrupted and his reactions are totally kapow!

The action doesn’t break. Right from the off, it hits you like a train and drags you with it, screaming wheels and all. The supporting cast add to the excitement. Claire, his sister, is gutsy and I love Dean’s dedication to finding her son. I felt every drop of his sweat and blood as I journeyed with Dean throughout the book. I loved, loved, loved the hospital scenes.

This book is full throttle. Whether it’s guns, fights, cars or chases, it’s a race against time at its best. If you can’t get enough of action, ‘Push Back’ is waiting for you to step right into the danger zone. Step in, don’t be shy!


Thanks for reading!

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