The House on the Water’s Edge by CE Rose – review.


Sometimes the past is best left buried.

Since the birth of baby Joe five weeks ago, Ali Baker has been struggling to cope. Starved of sleep and haunted by painful memories from the past, she’s a million miles away from the polished, professional barrister she has worked so hard to become.

Then her mother tragically and unexpectedly dies, leaving Ali an orphan. Haunted by her loss, Ali can’t forget her mother’s last words to her: There is something I really need to tell you…

Heading back to the Norfolk Broads to sort her mother’s things, Ali is plunged into memories of her family’s picture-perfect summers on the river.

But as she starts to uncover secrets hidden within the isolated house, Ali is drawn into a dark web that threatens to destroy everything she believed about her childhood – and her very sanity.

Ali may finally discover her mother’s secrets… but at what cost?

A gripping, captivating psychological thriller, perfect for fans of Samantha Hayes and S.E. Lynes.

About the author

Born in Sheffield, Caroline studied Law at the University of Manchester and became a divorce and professional indemnity lawyer.

Caroline writes domestic psychological thrillers. Her debut novel, BENEATH THE SKIN, aka THE WIFE’S SECRET, was published in October 2017. Her second novel, MY HUSBAND’S LIES, followed in May 2018 and became a Kindle top ten bestseller. BETRAY HER was published in July 2020. TRUTH GAMES ebook followed in November 2020. The paperback will be published on 10th June 2021.

Caroline has two pen names. As Caro Land she has written a legal suspense series, CONVICTIONS, published in January 2020. The follow up, CONFESSIONS, published in June 2020.

As CE Rose she has written a gothic-tinged psychological thriller THE HOUSE OF HIDDEN SECRETS. This will be published on 14th April.

Caroline has two dark, twisty short story collections available on Amazon, both in eBook and paperback, WATCHING HORSEPATS FEED THE ROSES and HANGED BY THE NECK.

My thoughts

‘The House on the Water’s Edge’ is definitely a book for those who enjoy a fantastic mystery! I loved how new mother, Ali, had so much going on in this atmospheric delight. The themes of loss and identity are intricately woven through, drawing the reader deeply into to Ali’s past. The loss of self was overwhelming at times; the type that comes with the enormous stress of having a baby and feeling entirely alone.

I enjoyed how becoming a parent was explored. It’s hard and this book expressed just how hard it can be without holding anything back. To couple that with the death of a parent and all the heartache and stress that would bring really piled on the pressure.

George’s mysterious character had me intrigued from the beginning, as did the neighbours and the cleaners. The shocks and revelations were simply jaw-dropping.

This is a novel that gradually creeps under your skin. It has its fair share of spine-tingling moments and casts doubt on reality, taking the reader deeper into that hole. It’s suffocatingly claustrophobic with an ‘oh my goodness ’ finale!

Thanks for reading!

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