Blind House by Jamie-Lee Brooke – review.

Publication date: 28th May, 2021.


The doctor is waiting…

Fame is about to get deadly in this terrifying, fresh take on a haunted house thriller. Set in an idyllic Cotswold’s village, rookie paranormal investigator, Megan Forrest, is roped into investigating the strange goings on at the home of Hollywood actor, Ross Huston. Ross and his wife Deborah are convinced that their Victorian mansion is being haunted by the mentally ill patients who resided there in the late nineteenth century. Patients who were brutally treated and murdered at the hands of a cruel doctor.

As Megan investigates ghosts from the past, two women from the present go missing- women who were last seen at the Hustons’ property. Who was the doctor and how is everything connected? Megan finds herself swept up in a dangerous game and with her personal life in shatters, it is a game she can’t escape from. One thing she knows for sure, is that it’s not what everyone thinks and the whole time there is something watching her…

About the author

Jamie-Lee Brooke lives in the Worcestershire area and is an author of horror and thrillers. Blind House is her debut novel and her next project is a psychological thriller. She gets much of her inspiration from the numerous ghost hunts that she has been on and likes to play on her own fears. Her day job as a dental nurse gives her plenty of scope to imagine putting people in uncomfortable situations! She is a keen actress and has performed in a number of theatrical amateur productions. She is at her happiest when either watching movies, walking or generally anything which surrounds her in the realms of make believe.

My thoughts

What a fresh take on the haunted house genre! I absolutely loved Megan’s journey into the Huston’s creepy old house as much as the life journey she went on. The descriptions were brilliant as were the elements of mystery; the house’s past and the missing women made it so exciting to read. I literally raced through the book to get my answers.

The celebrity factor added a lot of sparkle to the creepiness. Ross and Deborah were the pair that had it all and their friend, Marc, brought a lot of humour and fun to the book.

Megan’s backstory brought plenty of depth to the book. I certainly rooted for her and hoped that forgiveness would come her way.

‘The doctor is waiting…’ How creepy is that tag line? Waiting for what? Whatever it is it can’t be good. I instantly wanted to know who the doctor was and boy does this statement pack a punch. With the house’s past, I couldn’t wait to discover more and there were a lot of sinister thoughts going through my head.

‘Blind House’ has a spine-tingling cover too and I’m thrilled to say that the content matches up to this cover image. This book is thrilling, scary and definitely one to read if you love the supernatural and a damn fine mystery.

Again, that question… who is the doctor? Grab yourself a copy and find out, but keep the lights on. Don’t get scared now… You never know what’s lurking around the corner…

Thanks for reading!

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