The Guest Book by CL Pattison – review.



Charles and Grace wanted a quiet staycation honeymoon, but when their train terminates early due to a storm up ahead, they wonder if they made the wrong decision. Forced to take shelter in the nearest seaside town, Saltwater, they discover that there is only one guesthouse left. Unlike the rest of Saltwater, The Anchorage is entirely deserted.

That night, with the storm howling relentlessly, Grace is woken by a child crying. She is haunted by the sound, until Charles convinces her it was only her imagination. But the next day, she finds a warning scrawled in the guest book: Leave now. Do not trust them.

As the storm rages on, phone lines are down, transport links cut off. Grace is desperate to leave, but Charles remains unaffected by the eerie stillness of the house. Is it just Grace’s imagination or do the owners, and Charles, have something to hide?


Perfect for fans of Harriet Tyce, Lisa Jewell and Ruth Ware.

About the author

C.L. Pattison spent twenty years as an entertainment journalist, until a desire to do something a bit more meaningful than write about the rich and famous prompted her to join the police force. Her debut psychological thriller, The Housemate, was an ebook bestseller in both the UK and the USA. Originally from the north east of England, she now lives in a village on the south coast, where she is currently hard at work on her next book. Reading, long walks and cider have been her top sanity saviours in lockdown.

My thoughts

This is a creepy book so I feel it will appeal to psychological thriller lovers as well as supernatural fans. The whole tone is set from the beginning as a shadow feels as though it’s been cast over The Anchorage in Saltwater. It has this claustrophobic feel that only tightens its grip as the story unravels.

I loved the opening. Honeymooners, Charles and Grace start with hope. Hope of a long happy marriage and a wonderfully luxurious honeymoon in a top hotel but soon, things get in their way. In fact, it feels as though they’re doomed. The seaside town of Saltwater comes across as gloomy and dangerous.

I totally enjoyed immersing myself into the main characters narratives, especially Grace’s. I found her intriguing and thought her injured leg added so much more to the story. There’s nothing like feeling vulnerable when you’re frightened witless! It’s definitely not a book to read under low light in a storm if you’re easily scared. But… I love creepy books so this one suited me fine. ‘The Guest Book’ delivered scares in abundance and I found it to be totally gripping. Loved it!

Thanks for reading!

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