All The Lies We Told by Jennifer Harvey – review.

Publication date: 21st October, 2020.


No-one confesses to a murder they didn’t commit.

It has been twenty years since I last saw my brother. The day he was taken away for killing the boy I loved. I honestly didn’t think I would see him again. Until now…

I never made my peace with the fact my brother was a killer. But at least I don’t think about it every minute of every day any more. Or about the boy he killed. The boy I kissed in a private, sheltered spot down by the lake during that long, hot summer, before everything changed.

Now he has come home and claims he is innocent of the crime he was convicted of.

I saw the blood on his hands. Heard him enter the guilty plea.

I can’t believe what he’s saying could possibly be true. How can the last twenty years have all been a lie? What made him confess, if he wasn’t guilty? Although, just for a moment, I see something in his eyes that reminds me of everything we used to be. Don’t I owe it to us to finally learn the truth?

But there are some people in our town who won’t want us digging up the past. And I know, more than anyone, what a dangerous thing the truth can be.

A dark, emotional story of a family left shattered by the legacy of a terrible crime and the question of how well we truly know the ones we love. Fans of Liane Moriarty and Diane Chamberlain will be totally gripped by this haunting and compelling read.

About the author

Jennifer Harvey is a Scottish writer now living in The Netherlands.

She is the author of three novels.

‘Someone Else’s Daughter’ is now available (Bookouture, 2020).

‘No More Secrets’ will be published in October 2020 (Bookouture, 2020).

A further title will follow in May 2021.

Her short stories have been published in numerous literary magazines in the US and the UK, such as Bare Fiction, Litro Online, Carve Magazine, Folio, and The Lonely Crowd.

She has been shortlisted for various short story prizes including the Bristol Prize, the University of Sunderland Short Story Award and the Bridport Prize. Her radio dramas have won prizes and commendations from the BBC World Service. She has been longlisted twice for the Bath Novel Award.

You can find out more over at Jennifer’s website:

Or follow her on Twitter at: @JenAnneHarvey1

My thoughts

What a line to hook a reader – ‘No-one confesses to a murder they didn’t commit.’ From the off, I knew this would be an emotional read and ‘No More Secrets’ didn’t disappoint.

The moment Ethan returned, the intensity picked up. He’d served his time for murder and coming back for his father’s funeral was bound to turn heads. The family drama element of this book was strong, as was the mystery. I felt the tension and the ever brewing conflict.

This book tackles the themes of grief and guilt brilliantly, and it also explores how deep, dark, secrets can ruin lives. It’s suspenseful and thought provoking. The story is told in past and present chapters, so I got a real sense of what went on when the characters were teenagers and how that related to Evie’s state of mind in the present.

All in all, this book is a real heart-wrenching read. It’s sad in more ways than one and Jennifer Harvey has worked the emotional aspect brilliantly. If you love an emotional mystery with family tensions, then ‘No More Secrets’ is not a book to miss!

Thanks for reading!

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