‘Love and Laughter and Small Disasters’ – Wow, there’s a free album giveaway!

Back in 2015, I had the pleasure of reviewing Adrian Harvey’s album, Temporary Position. We learned that Adrian Harvey has previously auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent and he’s an all round fab guy. His song Ladies and Gentlemen was also used in the film Checking In.

It gives me great pleasure to review Adrian’s latest album, Love and Laughter and Small Disasters. This album contains 10 songs and a bonus Christmas track, written by Adrian Harvey. They were recorded by Simon Ash.

Each Day
A Few Things I’d Do
The Road Ahead
Hope is a Magical Overcoat
The Other Side of the Hill
Small Disasters
A Different Cage
One More Person Trying to be a Star
Cardboard Wings

At first glance, I have to praise the cover. It’s a little ‘summer of love meets Life of Brian.’ It feels fun already. From previous experience, I expect to feel uplifted, even a little amused and relaxed after listening to the album. Were my original thoughts right? All will be revealed soon. 

As I begin listening to ‘Same Day,’ I find I can identify with the lyrics. In fact, if you can’t identify, I’d say you’ve had an unbelievably exciting life, full of unexpected twists and turns. For most of us mere mortals, our routines are just that – routine. ‘A Few Things I’d Like to do,’ fills me with happiness. The harmonies are stunning. As for ‘Sing a Happy Song,’ who wouldn’t want to join in with that one? The vocal harmonies, meaningful lyrics and melodic voices are simply stunning. Adrian, you’ve done it again! Brilliant. 

Then, I hear ‘Hope is a Magical Overcoat.’ I know many people struggling to break into one or another branch of the arts and I understand the struggles they undergo. 

‘The Other Side of the Hill,’ is simply other worldly with down to earth lyrics. You’ve surprised me again Adrian!

So far I’m filled with hope and happiness as I relax into my chair waiting for the last song to start. ‘One More Person Trying to be a Star.’ This song explores the other side of fame. The price of fame as opposed to the value of anonymity. 

Thank you again Adrian. You made me smile, you made me chuckle, you made me think and you almost made me slip into a hypnotic trance while listening to the beautifully crafted harmonies. Was I uplifted, a little amused and relaxed? Hell yes. Keep making more music! I look forward to hearing more. 

Now you lucky people, Adrian is giving away 20 copies of his album. You’d be a numpty not to get your hands on one. 

Message from Adrian:
‘I’ve got 20 copies to give away to anyone who contacts me via email and tweets and shares Hope is A Magical Overcoat or The Road Ahead. My email address is apharvey@hotmail.co.uk.’ You Tube links below.

Want to hear more or contact Adrian. Check him out. 

Toodle pip,
Carla Kovach.

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