Vegan Delights in Shrewsbury.

We had a short break in Hoylake last year and I called my blog post, A Rainy Day in Hoylake. Typically British, we’ve chosen the wrong day again. We are having another little break and this time we’re spending a rainy day in Shrewsbury. Check out the common theme. 

If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts, you’ll know that my husband Nigel and I went vegan for a month. Guess what? We’re still vegan two months on. We decided to adopt veganism as a permanent lifestyle as the food has been magnificent. He has also lost a whopping 24lb in weight. I’ve stuck at a loss of around the 6/7lb mark. The thing is, we’re not on a low fat diet so the weight loss is an incidental bonus. We are eating absolutely tonnes of foods. I’m not using any low fat products when cooking. It’s healthy oils, nuts and seeds all the way. The food we’re feasting on is rich, indulgent and includes a daily dessert. We’re not spending any more money on food and my cooking skills have improved. I can knock up either a fruit crumble, a pie topping or a batch of biscuits within 15 minutes. 

Anyway, back to lovely Shrewsbury. Lovely rainy Shrewsbury. I must say, it does look stunning but I wish the rain would do one. We do however have two restaurant bookings today – woo hoo – I love eating more than life itself! We are going all out on the food to see how easy it is to be vegan and eat out in Shrewsbury.

First stop, La Lanterna Italian Restaurant.

We turned up and declared that we wanted to partake in their fantastic lunch special for £8.50 per head after being lured by a sign on the roadside. This included a pasta main, a bowl of salad, bread and a glass of wine. Making it easy, we said, we’d eat anything as long as it was plant based. 

The salad was pleasant. Fresh dill laced the mixed leaves and to vary the texture, mixed beans added a bit of bite and protein to the carb heavy offering. The main course, a tomato based fusilli pasta, tasted fresh. The hint of garlic and chilli lifted the dish. All in all, lovely budget meal made with fresh ingredients. The coffee was good too. As far as ambience goes, the owner must be a real sports fan. Football and motor racing photos adorned the walls as well as Italian tea towels etc. La Lanterna is cosy and quirky, and seemed suited to couples seeking a little romantic restaurant. For vegans, the lunch menu was limited but they adapted to our needs well and made us a tasty plate of food. The addition of the beans to the salad was a welcomed delight. 

Our next stop was vegan/vegetarian restaurant, O’Joy’s Wellness.

This is the perfect place to be if you are a vegan. The menu is mouthwatering and offers a variety of dishes including tapas. The food smells delicious and the place is bright, airy and centrally located. After a heavy going lunch, we were just about ready for a main course when we arrived. My husband enjoyed the Cajun bean burger and sweet potato chips, I had the stewed chick pea tacos. These little delights were perfectly seasoned and dressed with fresh herbs. If you’re in Shrewsbury, give it a visit, whether it be for lunch or breakfast. This was by far the tastiest offering of the day and the easy listening background music was lovely. If you’re heading to O’Joy’s, you can expect to pay around £10 each for a main course. I have included a link to their website below as they do breakfast and lunch too. 

As for Shrewsbury, I can conclude, it’s a good place to be for a vegan. If you find yourself in this part of the world, the place I’d wholly recommend is O’Joys without a doubt. They did seem fairly busy, so I’d recommend booking first. I must just add that the staff and service was exceptional too. It was definitely O’Joy to be there and when we’re next in Shrewsbury, we’ll be popping in for more of that lovely food. Their website is as follows

Toodle pip,
Carla Kovach

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