Icmeler Cakes – Savas’s Cafe Anne.

If a cake with a view is what you’re after, Cafe Savas is you place. This long seafront cafe offers a small but excellent range of homemade cakes. We had apple pie, strawberry flan and another – it’s slipped my mind completely – to choose from. As I’d had a huge breakfast, my mind stopped working after the mention of strawberry flan. Maybe a light sponge topped with some fruit was badly needed, along with a coffee frappe. 


The generous portion of flan soon arrived with a large dollop of the loveliest vanilla ice cream. The bottom layer, as suspected was a light sponge. This was topped nicely by strawberries embedded in jelly.

Cafe Savas is a popular cafe. Most of the seats at the front were already taken. 


If you’re a sweet lover like myself, then this cafe is a good one to visit. It didn’t take long to devour my dessert, especially when my husband Nigel couldn’t get enough of the ice cream. The view is wonderful, the staff don’t appear to hassle people to come in, which is always good, and the cake is tasty. 


Anyway, I come to the end of my holiday. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my cake eating escapades, my Akyaka Tour trip, and my expedition to the abandoned hotel. I will be sharing some posts when I get home about Icmeler and Marmaris as well as writing a further post showing you the insides of the abandoned hotel. Yes, My husband and I have scoured the rooms and taken a stack of photos for your enjoyment. We’ve risked life and limb to bring you photos!!! (I say this with a grin).

I’ll be sad to leave but hey, there’s always a next time. Is isn’t the end of the cake tour. It is to be continued some time soon. 

For further information on Cafe Savas:

Toodle pip,
Carla Kovach
Copyright Carla Buckley 2016.


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2 Responses to Icmeler Cakes – Savas’s Cafe Anne.

  1. pawsabit says:

    Sounds like an eatery to visit. I’d probably go the apple route though, with a strong Turkish coffee.


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