The Deniz Kapisi Turkish Breakfast for 2 

Their motto – “Good things made with love.”

I think I can honestly say that this is the best Turkish breakfast I’ve ever had. Knowing that this place is a popular eatery, I reserved a table for my husband and myself. Firat, our host, saved the table right at the back of their little jetty, which is in the perfect position to feed the fish. 


At 10.30, we arrived to find that our reserved table was probably the only free table left on the jetty. Little dishes of tasty treats sprawled across the other tables. I knew at this point, that this breakfast was going to be something special.


Choosing this place hadn’t been left to chance. After months of monitoring Icmeler Facebook groups, this place had been mentioned on many occasions, as being the best. I knew I personally had to experience this breakfast that everyone spoke about. 


With the order placed, we waited with anticipation for the food to arrive and O.M.G! Yes, this was an OMG moment. Did I really order the Eggs Menemen on the side? There were four different preserves, golden runny honey, cheese several ways, sun-dried tomatoes, tomato dressed peppers, tomato paste, a candied tomato dressed with syrup and nuts, pancakes, pumpkin, olives, salad, feta pastries, Turkish tea, and the list goes on. This wasn’t breakfast, it was a banquet. 


As for setting, Deniz Kapisi is idyllic. Gazing at the calm sea with the mountainous background, while the fish swarm for leftover bread, was absolutely delightful. We watched as people swam, others left on boats and the sportier types enjoyed the vast array of water sports on offer in Icmeler.

The fish.

If you are coming to Icmeler or Marmaris, I urge you to visit this little diamond of an eatery that sparkles on the edge of Icmeler. It’s positioned at the far end of the beach as you head towards the Marina. It is the first restaurant you reach that offers a jetty to dine on. Oh and did I say that Firat is a wonderfully attentive host? And did I say that their pizzas are good too? Did I say how perfect the setting was? Apologies, I’ll shut up now. I know when I’m going on.

Our lovely host Firat.

As for cost, this breakfast, without the Eggs Menemen side dish comes to just under 50 TRL for 2 people, which is approximately £12 (as at May 2016). This includes a bottle of water and a pot of Turkish tea. Where else can you get a banquet on the sea for this price? I would also love to add that Denis Kapisi is a ‘no hassle’ restaurant which immediately draws you in. How the others could learn a thing or two. It is quality and word of mouth that ultimately make an establishment a success. They don’t need luck, they just need to keep doing what they’re doing. We’ll be back when we’ve slept breakfast off. Zzzzz.

For more details, here’s their Facebook page link:

Toodle pip,
Carla Kovach
Photos – copyright Nigel Buckley 2016.

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6 Responses to The Deniz Kapisi Turkish Breakfast for 2 

  1. pawsabit says:

    Cracking breakfast with a view. What a holiday! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Barbara Camelford says:

    Sounds absolutely brilliant and very reminiscent of the Turkey I know ad love. Will definitely go there if we ever go to that area. Thanks for your fun blog about Turkey.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Phill Partridge says:

    We love Turkey and especially Icmeler, this is a place we have never tried but we certainly will give it a go in July when we are there for three weeks. Loved reading your blog by the way, very informative.


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