Derelict Abandoned Hotel in Icmeler – Photos – May 2016

If you’ve ever visited Icmeler, you may be aware that there is a derelict hotel complex on the edge of the village. If you walk from Deniz Kapisi and keep following the road upwards, towards Lovers Rock, you will see it on the lower left and upper right. I’d advise you not to get too close to these buildings as they are almost certainly dangerous. 

There’s no denying that I’m intrigued by creepy buildings and the macabre in general. I’ve written a horror story for a holiday horror anthology and I’ve picked this creepy location in Icmeler to base my ideas around. See link at the end of the post.

You can’t see these buildings unless you walk towards Lovers Rock or you are on a boat trip and you pass them. 

Two years ago we paid our first visit to these ruins. I managed to get a quick peek into one of the rooms and discovered a mattress and a few simple items on the floor. The place was covered in animal droppings too, possibly goats. This week we were lured back once again and managed to get a few snaps which I’ve decided to share with you.

I’ve heard that it’s an unfinished project where either the money ran out or the developers didn’t have the correct permissions. If you know the real answer, I’d welcome your input in the comments section below. 

For now, please enjoy our snaps.
















I do hope you enjoyed the photos. For more travel based articles and a mix of randomness, please feel free to browse the rest of my blog and feel free to share the links to the articles. 

Toodle pip,
Carla Kovach

Photos and article copyright of Carla Kovach and Nigel Buckley – 2016.

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Just in case anyone is looking for a holiday themed book this winter. One of my stories has been published in this collection of holiday horrors. My story ‘Ludicro’ is rather demonic and is set in Içmeler, more specifically, the abandoned buildings by Lovers Rock. Many thanks to the Lighthouse Restaurant in Içmeler who were happy for me to mention them by name. The other four stories are set on the Greek Islands, in Cyprus and in London.  

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7 Responses to Derelict Abandoned Hotel in Icmeler – Photos – May 2016

  1. Pat says:

    Not a hotel that has never been finished – that is farther along the road after lovers rock – these buildings and ground are owned by the government and were forestry workers holiday accommodation


  2. Laura wilson says:

    If I am right they use to be rooms for resort workers for there family when they visited. I always go around these every year. I love them. There is a massive complex further round that they haven’t built on for about 15 years as the owner had a disagreement with the goverment and one of them pulled out leaving it half completed as they couldn’t afford it on there own.


  3. Gail Ash says:

    We passed here on the water taxi to Turunc last week, and the Captain told us it’s been untouched for 15 years, it was started in 1991, has changed hands several times since, but owners run out of money, last owner wanted to knock it down and build a villa, but was refused permission, as its for commercial use, not allowed residential by the government!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lillyanna says:

    I’ve always wanted to get in there and have a look!! Thanks for sharing x

    Liked by 1 person

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