Icmeler Cakes – Canary Bar

Another day of bliss in Paradise. As you may know, my husband and I are enjoying a fabulous fortnight in Icmeler. The weather is still blissful, we’ve had a swim in the sea and we’ve been adopted by a cat I’m calling Sooty. Day one of my cake commentary started off wonderfully with a trip to The Lighthouse Restaurant. Today (11th May 2016) I’m at Canary bar.


A few days before our holiday, I put a call out on several Icmeler Facebook groups and the most recommended cake stop was Canary Bar. Apparently I just had to try the amazing Malteser cake that a lady called Jill Pilling makes. Sadly, Jill wasn’t around but her lovely husband Zaza was. He managed to entertain us and other guests with his many versions of the word ‘squirrel.’ I’m sure we sound just as funny when we try to speak Turkish. 

The bar has an ample frontage that is decorated with a few quirky canary cages. It seems a good family place for entertainment as they have theme nights, a pool table and lots to do for children. It overlooks the scenic canal.

To my delight the malted chocolate cake was on the menu so I ordered a slice. I’m going to describe this slice in my terms to you, the readers of my blog. As possible cake lovers, I know you will want to know what the cake is like. 

First things first, this slice of cake was not a slice. I’d describe a slice as a slither that is approximately two inches thick and possibly dressed with a lump of cream to make it look bigger than what it really is. Now, reality check. This was no slice, this was a doorstop. Not only was it a doorstop, the four corners of the plate were dotted with a tasty white chocolate fondant – just in case the lucky eater thought that the chocolate malt cake wasn’t chocolaty enough.


The moist sponge was filled with a chocolate buttercream. The sides of the cake were coated in a malted chocolate fudge and topped with more chocolate yumminess. To finish, Maltesers were used to decorate the doorstop. 

This was a severely satisfying cake. I would recommend that you make this a meal. Is is big and bad. By bad I mean devilish. It’s the Devil with an angelic smile. Do not step on the scales after consuming. It is the treat you need when you are on your holiday. 

If you want to experience Jill and Zaza’s hospitality and cake, then you need to follow the main canal until you reach the Canary bar. 

The cake cost 12TRL which at today’s rate is about £3. It is a portion that could probably be shared. 

I wish Jill and Zaza all the best for the upcoming season. As for you my friends, if you want a big wedge of homemade chocolate malt cake or indeed, any of the other cakes they make, then you need to get yourself to the Canary Bar.

For more information on the Canary Bar, here is their Facebook link:

Toodle pip,
Carla Kovach

Photos copyright Nigel Buckley 2016.


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