Icmeler Cakes – The Lighthouse Restaurant

Whilst on holiday at the in Icmeler, I’ve set myself the challenge of sampling the best cakes I can in the area, after all, who doesn’t love a cake?

Here goes …….

‘Hot with a bit of a gust’, that’s how I’d describe Icmeler today (9th May 2016). The first recommended cake venue I chose to sample was The Lighthouse Restaurant Cafe Bar which is situated in Icmeler’s main square. My husband and I arrived a little after lunchtime and were seated in a lovely position overlooking the square. This cafe is perfect for a relaxing break whilst people watching.


Josh the waiter led me to the fridge full of beautiful homemade cakes that were on the menu today. I can’t remember them all but I’m sure there was a blueberry topped cheesecake, something delightful that looked like tiramisu and a creme brûlée option. If I’m honest, I could have eaten any one of the cakes or desserts and have been equally happy. I eventually settled on a beauty I couldn’t resist. It’s seductive allure left me with no will of my own whatsoever. This temptress was the chocolate orange cheesecake. As for drinks, both my husband and I had an iced latte that was topped with ice cream. Yummy, sickly, gooey heaven in my humble opinion.


Okay, down to the nitty gritty. As you can see the cheesecake was beautifully presented with a dusting of cocoa and a dash of chocolaty syrup. The bottom layer had a soft crunch. The middle layer consisted of a light chocolate orange cheesecake mix. It was almost mousse-like in texture. It was finished with a light cream topping. 


It took me less than five minutes to devour. I’d certainly recommend trying out the desserts at The Lighthouse. To Tina who makes the cakes, thank you, I enjoyed your cake immensely and hope to return soon.

Just a couple of other notes for all you cake and coffee seekers. The setting is contemporary and comfortable. The soft background music made for a relaxing atmosphere. Josh was welcoming and we’d certainly go back.

For further information about The Lighthouse, their website address is:

Just for reference, 2 iced coffees containing ice cream, and a slice of homemade cheesecake came to 28 TRL which at today’s exchange rate is approximately 7 GBP. 

Toodle pip,
Carla Kovach.

Photos copyright Nigel Buckley 2016.



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