A Rainy Afternoon in Hoylake

First time in lovely Hoylake and it’s raining. Typical bank holiday weather, but we’re staying in a pub, yay! Hoylake is on the northern tip of the Wirral Peninsula.


On approach, Hoylake comes across as a small town with a main high street, littered with shops and restaurants. I know we’re not staying long and won’t have a real chance to sample all that this lovely little town has to offer, but my foodie eye spies all the eateries as we pass. I spot Indian, Thai, a good selection of pubs selling food, then my eyes are finally drawn to the pink shop. The Yog Bar purports to be selling fat free frozen yoghurt. It is a hive of activity, people are coming and going. It’s certainly a popular place. Who cares if we don’t have much time, we are going to The Yog Bar.


A few moments later, we reach the Green Lodge Hotel which we booked before Christmas, through Late Rooms. Did I say that we were going to a party tonight? Anyway, not interesting if you want to read about Hoylake and the Green Lodge Hotel, but that is our reason for being here.

The large beer garden.

On arrival we are met by a lovely chap who checks our booking and leads us to our room. We pass through the bustling, 2 for 1, Marston Inn. It is the day before Easter. Couples, families and friends are all enjoying the Easter break with a few pints and an excellent value meal. As we pass, I check out the menu. My food brain is well switched on. All the classics are there. I spy pie, I spy fish and chips, I spy burgers and I also spy a huge chocolate sundae right under my nose. It gets delivered to the table behind me. I’ve just realised I’m lagging behind my husband and the chap who is showing us to our room. We go up a few stairs and along a corridor until we reach room 4.

A couple of photos of the pub’s interior.


The room itself is lovely and clean, full of brightness from the many windows. We have a lovely view of the beer garden but it’s a shame about the rain. My eyes wander to the bed where I spot a parcel wrapped in brown paper addressed to me. Who knew I was coming here? No one ever sends me parcels, especially to hotels. I approach it with caution. I lift it and give it a shake before peeling the wrapping away. The parcel becomes more intriguing when another three wrapped up items drop out of it, oh, and there’s a letter. Late Rooms know I’m a writer and it looks like I’ve been a subject of Magic Makers. They certainly brought a little magic to my stay. They professed to know I was a writer and, yes, I’m ripping into the gifts now. They have sent me a beautiful pen, a note book and a little sign for writers and a stick of rock. What a wonderful surprise.

Thanks Magic Making Department – Late Rooms – Danielle. 

A while later, after the joy of smelling the pages in a brand new notebook has settled down, I still have the pink yogurt bar on my mind and I’d like to see the sea. My husband reminds me that we will be eating soon but what harm can a little yoghurt do to the appetite? We head out in our worst attire ever for a rainstorm and walk towards the sea.

The beach is deserted except for a lone dog walker. The sea is miles away but it is still lovely to walk along the sea front. The wind starts to pick up. Again, my mind is on yoghurt. Lovely frozen yoghurt. We spend ten minutes trekking to the yoghurt bar and enter. We pass a selfie mirror and head towards the counter. There are toppings galore and we are also offered a dairy free tropical flavour option which I would normally take but I opt for chocolate instead. As far as I’m concerned there is only one flavour that makes me truly tick and that is chocolate. Toppings? I’ll have the Reeses pieces please. Yum! We pass the fun chalk board and take the only two seats left in the place. It appears to be popular. If you go to Hoylake, be sure to check this place out. The frozen yoghurt is delicious and the staff are friendly. At this point it started pouring down. We waited, we waited some more and we continued waiting. The problem was, it continued raining. Not only did it continue, it got heavier. We had to brave it and go.

The frozen yoghurt.

The fantastic Yog Bar staff.  

Several minutes later, we were back in our room. My husband used the hair dryer to dry his shoes out. We both got showered and headed for dinner. Fish and Chips (well, we are by the seaside), and a pint of Cock a Hoop, at The Green Lodge. Tasty food and fantastic service once again.


Skip to breakfast. After a good night’s sleep on a comfortable bed, we headed for breakfast. Several tables were beautifully laid out. We passed a table containing pastries, fruit, yoghurt, juices, coffee and tea, and took a seat. A pleasant server took our orders for breakfast and left us to help ourselves to the coffee. The breakfast was delicious and set us up well for the journey home.


Down to prices. On the Saturday night of Easter Weekend 2016, we paid approximately £54 (for the two of us) for bed and breakfast at The Green Lodge. This was exceptional value and I really feel that this place is under selling itself. The customer service is second to none, the food is simple but well cooked, the place itself is modern and situated in a lovely location. The parking, and Wi-Fi throughout the building, are free. I seriously can’t fault The Green Lodge Hotel. Be warned that they only have a handful of rooms. Book early to avoid disappointment. I have included all the Facebook links below. 


As for Late Rooms, I will definitely be booking through them again. A little bit of magic goes a long way.

Toodle Pip,
Carla Kovach – Author.
(Photos copyright of Nigel Buckley. Article copyright of C Kovach).

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