Is it rude to refuse purse clutter?

Question of the day. Is it rude to refuse purse clutter in shops?

I clean out my purse about once a month and it’s often full of little slips, asking me to go online to fill out surveys. We’re always held up at tills while an assistant explains that we can (but it’s not likely) win a (not worth the effort) prize if we fill out an online survey, when we get home. If you didn’t know, their real reason for this exercise is data collection disguised as feedback, so that they can spam you with emails and post, forever. After all, everyone has an opinion and we all like to heard, don’t we? Not me. I want to pay for my goods and get out ASAP. I haven’t got time to empty my spam filled inbox every day and I don’t want to house their post and purse clutter in my own bin either.

I know it’s not the fault of the assistant as they’re told to bombard us with this purse clutter at point of sale. This brings me back to my original question. Is it rude to refuse the purse clutter that you have zero interest in? By refuse, I mean polite refusal.

In my opinion, it’s fine and totally inoffensive to say that I don’t want it but my poor husband finds my refusal a touch embarrassing.

It’s not just shops, it’s banks, hotels, restaurants and the list goes on. If I formally assess every service and product I’ve ever used or bought, I won’t have time to have a life.

Rude, or just realising that life’s too short? What are your thoughts?

Happy shopping,

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1 Response to Is it rude to refuse purse clutter?

  1. Derek Coleman says:

    Of course it’s not rude. They are offering you something and it’s your right to politely refuse. Their reason for making the offer is to abuse your gullibility by bombarding you with unwanted junk mail/email so by refusing to accept it you are politely pointing out that you are smarter than they are. Please complete the survey at the bottom of this answer giving your name, age, address and email and we’ll put you in a drawer to win 38 Uzbekistani som.

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