Trevor T’s Mardi Gras Party Night at Summer Palace – Studley.

Summer Palace is a place I’ve passed many times, by passed, I mean passed by. I have no idea why. I love Chinese food, it’s a beautifully presented restaurant and it’s easy to get to from where I live. Last Friday (4th March 2016) however, we had an invite from performer Trevor T who was hosting a Mardis Gras night there. Boy was I surprised.


My husband and I joined Trevor part way through the evening and were amazed to find a restaurant full of diners partying the night away. Professional dancers were shaking and swinging to jazzy tunes including ‘Minnie the Moocher’ and ‘All that Jazz.’ Trevor was on lead vocals and trumpet, Paul Riley added depth to the overall sound with his amazing piano and saxophone playing. As the music ramped up, the audience formed a conga and even left the building at one point. Isn’t this just a Chinese restaurant? Seriously, I thought this was just another Chinese restaurant.


As everyone re-entered the building, the floor space was soon refilled with dancing bodies. The professional dancers delighted the audience with several sets that included some speedy and seamless (pardon the pun) costume changes, after all, it was a Mardi Gras. There were feathers, sequins, bows and sparkles galore.

Throughout the evening Trevor referred to many of the guests by name and it became apparent that Trevor and Summer Palace have a huge following. We knew at that point that we were in for a good night. If that wasn’t confirmation enough, the staff then joined in with the party. It was an absolute pleasure to meet the restaurant owner Jay and it was an even greater pleasure to eat the wonderful chicken and mushroom chow mein that was set before me.

Fabulous food, superb entertainment, what more could anyone ask of a night out?

Is Summer Palace just another Chinese restaurant? No. It’s a lovely place offering a warm welcome and tasty food apart from when Trevor T, Paul and the dancers arrive, then it becomes the biggest party venue in town.

If you are now feeling the Mardis Gras vibe then take yourself to the next Summer Palace Mardis Gras and experience the carnival for yourself.

Trevor and Jay (Below).

For more information on Trevor’s VIP club or enquiries, here’s his Facebook page link.

For Summer Palace bookings and enquiries call 01527 857118

Toodle pip.
Carla Kovach

Photos – copyright of Nigel Buckley.



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2 Responses to Trevor T’s Mardi Gras Party Night at Summer Palace – Studley.

  1. Barbara Camelford says:

    I have seen Trevor T a few times and he is excellent. Always gives 100%. I didn’t know he was ever at Summer Palace. Perhaps we will go. Thanks for letting us know.

    Liked by 1 person

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