Turkey – should I stay or should I go?

Our holiday is booked and paid for – yippee! We’re going to Icmeler in May and I can’t wait. I know there are doubts amongst some of the regulars with there being a war in Syria, and recent political unrest that has resulted in a car bomb attack in Ankara. I think scary times are being faced worldwide at the moment which is why I won’t let any of these incidents dissuade me from going to the place I class as paradise on earth. This warm, little, Turkish village, on the edge of bustling and lively Marmaris, called Icmeler, has captured my heart.

Here are my five reasons for continuing to go to Icmeler this year.

1. There is nowhere quite like it.

I’ve been to many other popular holiday destinations, and Florida did come close to being my favourite, but you can’t compare chocolate with crisps. I love both, but they are different. Florida and Icmeler, like chocolate and crisps, are two completely different experiences. One is a fast paced whirlwind of theme parks and giant portions of fast food, the other is a laid back relaxing beach holiday, offering the best Mediterranean spreads I’ve ever had. I’ve tried Spain, Portugal, The Canaries etc. but they don’t compare.

2. I’m a creature of habit.

I know exactly what I’m getting in Icmeler. I’m getting sunrise over the sea to entertain me before breakfast. I’m getting sea water that’s warm enough to swim in and I’m getting the warmth of everyone who lives and works there. I love the walk from Icmeler to Marmaris. I love the cafes, the ice cream (dondurma) and the views of the bay. Anyone else like the Turkish ice-cream?

3. I’m not any more fearful of staying in a Turkish holiday resort than I am of going into Birmingham or London.

I understand that some people might make the decision not to go if it makes them feel uncomfortable, after all, there’s no point going on holiday and spending your entire time on the verge of having a panic attack every time someone walks past with a bag, looking odd. People are odd creatures. I can be odd a lot of the time, but I’m not dangerous. That’s not to say people shouldn’t be vigilant. If you see something that you consider to look really odd then there’s no harm in reporting it. I truly believe that the decision to stay or go belongs to the individual. I have chosen to go and did I say I can’t wait?

4. People’s livelihoods depends on tourism.

It would be a shame if all the bars, cafes, trip agents and restaurants go out of business. Imagine returning to find that your resort only has a handful of bars and cafes. Imagine if there were hardly any trips on offer or the business owners/staff that you’ve previously made friends with are no longer there. The majority of people running these business are hardworking and bend over backwards to make sure we, as tourists, have an exceptional experience.

5. Lastly, I’ve never been to Dalyan and people keep telling me how wonderful it is
I’m already booked on a boat trip from Marmaris to Dalyan.

There’s no way I’m missing this as I’m hugely excited about going. I will also be doing a blog post with photos, reporting on the trip as a whole. Watch this space after May for the Dalyan boat trip, blog post. In answer to my original question, I’m going!

Anyway, must go.
Toodle pip.
Carla Kovach

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1 Response to Turkey – should I stay or should I go?

  1. Sandie Hunt says:

    I’m still going to icmeler in May. No one will stop me having my beautiful holidays xx


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