Filming on a chilly February night – Frank’s Calling.

Frank’s Calling is episode 2 of our Penny for the Guy digital series.

Episode 1:

First things first, thanks again to Cinelaya, provider of an excellent suite of filmmaking tools, useful for film projects, large or small. Thank you for all your assistance, collaboration and support.

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Where to start!
It was a bitterly cold night but we were all just grateful it wasn’t raining. Got some excellent shots by the bandstand in Redditch with the help of a dedicated bunch of filmmakers. 

Kaushy our director (Pat the Bull Films) managed the shot list and ensured that we got everything we needed. Josh followed us around, taking candid and frankly embarrassing shots for the behind the scenes film. I’m sure at one point he filmed me reluctantly wiping my nose on my hand – oh the glamour of filmmaking in the cold, in the dark, when you’ve forgotten your box of puppy soft tissues. Not a good look. Please delete that bit Josh. Oh Josh, just thought I’d mention, second camera Alastair took over on documentary filming after you left. Whoopee! Thanks Alastair.”>  

Mr Whitehouse had us running around the night before for some paperwork and a disc that belonged to his laptop which we’d previously used for editing while on the hop. Mr Buckley and I searched high and low and damn it, we couldn’t find it anywhere. Mark brought his laptop along to the shoot so that we could look into the issues he was having. Where was the dratted paperwork? In the blooming laptop case!!!! Whitehouse is in the dog house. šŸ˜œ


It was lovely to see the fabulously radiant Sheila Evans and the super lovely guy Bob Wilkes, who were playing Mavis and Arthur. We also had a bonus attendee who got in on the action. Nice to catch up Pat.”><img src=”; alt=””


Charlie, Director of Photography, took some great shots and attended to the lighting. I love the shots we took at the end of the night also, hours later, when the pub had closed. When our fingers were nothing more than things you can see, frozen in time, somewhere around nine-o-clock that evening.

Nigel’s acting. I’m going to be a little experimental in my description.
‘Ahhh, who’s there? What have I done? Cold, trembling. Cold. Ahh. Chatter chatter chatter teeth. Dewey air. Blue tinge.’ It doesn’t quite work, but you get the gist? Right? No. Okay – moving swiftly on.


Mark Wallace of Armoured Films was there to take control of all the sound. Great stuff and a tedious job too, especially with frozen fingers and an unreal amount of passing traffic. Damn that town cruiser and his base. He may grow up and realise that he probably won’t pull because he has his music on loud in his car while driving with his windows wide open. What woman would step into a freezing cold car? Fleecy blankets and full on heating are the way to go, you’ll learn one day. Should I be worried that I could be so easily lured into a stranger’s car if enticed with a fleece blanket on a cold day? A hot chocolate would seal the deal.


Thanks also to our actress Liz who came along and became clapper for the night, Derry for script monitoring, and John for getting into the mood for creating the musical compositions.

A good night all round. Next shoot where we all get together is the big special effects scene. Get some rest, you’re gonna need it. šŸŽ¬

toodle pip.
Carla Kovach
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Two more photos. Us in action and Nigel in front of the bandstand.



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