Open letter to my lazy littering neighbour.

Dear Neighbour,

I know it’s difficult living in a block of apartments as everyone’s standards are different, especially when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. I understand that you can’t please everyone but you my friend, are really cheesing me off.

For weeks you’ve left your little supermarket bags full of food waste and nappies right next to our communal bins. You heard me right, ‘next to.’

I was wondering why you didn’t put your rubbish ‘in’ the bin. I did check that there was plenty of room for your rubbish and presto, there was. There was so much room, I could fit my dad in there – and he’s a big guy, so that says something. This brings me back to the question in hand – why?

Are you lazy? Are you phobic of bins? Are you just an ar**hole? I have no idea.

Okay, so what to do about the awkward situation in hand. If I let you continue, you’ll bring the place down, devalue our property and turn it into a slum. We’ll end up with a rat problem that we’ll have to pay to resolve as we live in a managed estate. Anyone who lives in a block/estate will know what I mean when I say the word ‘balancing charges.’ So do I leave you to continue or do I try to do something about it? By the way, if our management fees go up so will your rent, that’s if you’re one of the renters. If you own your flat – I am truly shocked as you should know better.

My husband and I decided that a polite note to everyone would be a good start, relieving you of the embarrassment of a potential confrontation.

Copy of note below (we even ended it on a smiley):


After getting home from work the next day, we could see that you’d taken this note down. This now confirmed that you, the litterer, live in our block. We had hoped at this point that you were slightly embarrassed, had removed the note and would just put your rubbish in the bins from now on …… until we opened the letterbox. (Cue the thunderclap and doom music).

Boy do you do temper tantrum well, you even guessed that it was us. We found our note screwed up and posted back to us.

Thank you for continuing to leave your bags of rubbish next to the bin as opposed to throwing them in the bin. You’re as annoying as a cat that always sh*ts next to the litter tray as opposed to in it. I still don’t know why you have an aversion to bins and I’m angered that you are continuing to devalue where I live; where you live.

It’s not pleasant for us and all the other neighbours who work so hard to keep the place looking clean. You my friend, my neighbour, have really let the side down.

The thing is you know who I am. I don’t know who you are. If I knew who you were I’d be posting this letter to you rather than on my blog for the world to see.

Yours sincerely,


About Carla

Welcome to my blog! I’m the author of the DI Gina Harte Series, first book is called The Next Girl. I love and live for writing and reading (and sketching - haha). My other passion is filmmaking. My feature film 'Penny for the Guy' is a work in progress. If you enjoy a bit of horror, look out for it in the future. I'm on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Feel free to join me on other platforms. I blog about many random things but books, travel and art are my favourites.
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