Akyaka & Mugla – Photos from 2003

I know many people are taking an interest in Akyaka or have visited recently. Below are just a few old photos I’ve found in my own archives of this little town. The photos aren’t brilliant as they were taken with good old fashioned film and I’m no professional photographer. 

After a visit the other year, I noticed there had been a few changes. There are now (or were when I re-visited) toilets on the beach – yay! Although the town did have a tired feel about it, we stopped at a most amazing cafe just on the edge of the forest walk and watched the fish jumping in the sea. It was an absolutely splendid sight. 

The beach was still beautiful and the sea was still inviting, especially on a baking hot day. The promenade was littered with small cafés and a boutique hotel. It’s well worth a trip, although I’d recommend taking a river cruise as a part of the trip. The river is amazing with lots of restaurants to observe along the route upstream. Don’t be fooled though, if you’re hot and you want to cool off, the Azmak River will take your breath away. It is freezing. Azmak means ‘running wild’ in the context of rivers. 

To get to Akyaka by bus, you need to board the Mugla bus in Marmaris and get off at Gocova. Once reaching Gocova, you need to board the Akyaka bus. The drivers are generally helpful if you’re not feeling too confident. 

Happy travelling and enjoy my very old (2003) and poorly taken (sorry) photos. 


And here’s a couple of Mugla (2003).


Toodle pip until next time
Carla Kovach
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