Kissimmee Old Town, or should I say Scary Town?

After visiting Florida this October (2015), I can honestly say, this touristy manufactured town is wonderful fun. As you approach, you can’t miss the amusement rides glistening above, and the sound of what I can only describe as a party happening in the distance. After visiting on a few different nights, I can thoroughly recommend Friday and Saturday nights, but be sure to get there early. Come seven in the evening, everyone wants to be there and you may have to wait in line for ages to park.

A few photos of the town at night.

The air is hot, the smells that fill it are enticing and the music tells you where to go. Follow the sounds of this town and you will arrive at a strip of fun, suitable for adults and children alike.

In October, we were lucky enough to see the wonderful Halloween display. The street was littered with scary skeletons, carved pumpkins and tombstones. Be aware that some of the scary figures are real. Don’t be surprised if a mob of zombies stumble past, or the undead sit next to you on a bench.

There’s the skeleton dog,

Pumpkin scarecrow,

The living dead and …..

Pumpkins galore.
Spooky goings on in Old Town.

Right, down to the nitty-gritty. There’s something for everyone. If you like your entertainment to send adrenaline coursing through your veins, then you’ve come to the right place. For those who like it daring, there are three extreme rides. The Vomatron, The SkyCoaster and the Sling Shot. I’d suggest going on these before you eat your tea! I only looked at them and felt nauseous. For the brave and daring amongst you, these rides are the best. Due to the chicken in me, I stayed well away. However, I was more than happy to partake in a different kind of extreme experience, that of the ‘Legends a Haunting at Old Town.’

The place to be for any horror lover.

This haunted house experience is amazing and my only regret is not having another go. From the moment you’ve bought your ticket, you’re filled with a sense of impending doom. You wait with your group outside this unused shop. Soon the doors open and a ghoulish man leads you to a small room. This is the prelude to hell. I don’t want to introduce spoilers at this point as it would ruin what is a fantastic walk (or run) through experience. Let’s just say, it felt real. My heart pounded as I ran through the jungle of horror that is that house. This attraction was the highlight of my holiday, and yes, I did go to all the theme parks. If you do one thing in Florida, do this. This attraction is a must for any horror fan.

If you like your entertainment a little less extreme, I can recommend ‘The Great Magic Hall.’ We watched Jafo, a close up magician do the most amazing things with coins, cards and well, his finger. I’ll say no more, you’ll have to go and watch.

Feeling hungry after all that excitement? After you’ve ran around the Haunted House, been delighted with a few tricks and your stomach has recovered from the Vomatron, it might now be time to grab some fantastic homemade ice cream. The parlour with the pink fluorescent sign (Homemade ice cream), who’s name I couldn’t find, served the best ice cream I think I’ve ever had. The chocolate truffle and raspberry is to die for. The orange is good too and so was the coffee and oh damn, I can’t decide. They’re all good. Have one of each and don’t weigh yourself for a month. Oh, and have a chocolate malt shake too while you’re at it.

Is that the end of it all? No. The entertainment never seems to end. We were delighted by non stop vintage/retro music, a group performing the Thriller dance and wait for it, a fabulous car parade. Classic cars, beefed up cars, any cars. As I said, this place has something for everyone. On our first visit, the rain did pour at this point. Did the party stop? No. As the road turned into a river, the music cranked up, the cars continued and the people remained. Rain? What rain?

I hope I’ve sold it to you (and no, I don’t work for the tourist board) and you decide to give this fabulous place a go if you’ve visiting Florida. It is worth going out of your way to visit. If you’re going in October, even better. I certainly am looking forward to going back again, one day and soon. I can’t imagine never going again!

Please note that the photos were taken on my phone. They could’ve been better but I was having too much fun to take my camera everywhere. I do hope they give you a flavour of Old Town Kissimmee though. 

Toodle pip,
Carla Kovach
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