Nine essential websites to bookmark if you’re visiting Turkey

(Or, you can just bookmark this one).

You’re going to Turkey? Fantastic. I’ve compiled a list of essential web links that will assist any Turkey traveller on their journey. 

There are occasionally reports of terrorist threats/civil unrest in the newspapers. If you’re worried, it’s sometimes best not to buy into press sensationalism. The best place to get information relating to such risks is the following website.

E Visa
One of the most confusing things for anyone travelling to Turkey is how to obtain an evisa through the official website. You can get evisa’s from stacks of sites, but these sites merely act as agents, putting their cut on top of the actual price, and this fee can vary depending on the site you use. Follow the link below if you don’t want to be ripped off.

Currency Exchange
Why not compare rates to ensure that you get the most lira for your pound? I’ve always received a better rate once I’ve reached Turkey but I can understand that some people might want to exchange some or all of their money before they go. Follow links to the Money Supermarket Travel Money page and the Post Office to compare. Happy spending!

I’m not a doctor or a health professional so I’ll just refer you to the following link. Also, individual health needs are different.

I think it’s always a good idea to refresh yourself on the customs and etiquette of the country you’re visiting, after all, you wouldn’t want to unknowingly offend anyone. This site outlines a few useful facts about Turkey. It lists a few customs and gives you a concise guide to etiquette.

Basic words and phrases
Who doesn’t want to have a go at speaking a little Turkish? Mastering the basics such as please and thank you will get you a long way. It’s worth making an effort and I think people respect the fact that you try even if you pronounce the words wrong. I’ve picked this link on Trip Advisor for the basics as Trip Advisor is also an excellent tool. It’s full of reviews on all areas, hotels and restaurants.

Public Holiday
Check out the list of public holidays on Wiki. You might just be on holiday during one of these.

Books set in Turkey
Why not read a book set in Turkey when you visit? I have compiled a list ranging from light chick lit to dark crime. There really is something for everyone if you enjoy reading fiction.

A list of books set in Turkey via @carlagriffiths

I hope you have a fantastic, trouble-free trip. Enjoy the sun, the sand and all this wonderful country has to offer. Feel free to add any other links below that people who are visiting Turkey may appreciate. 

Toodle pip,

Carla Kovach
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