‘Temporary Position,’ – ‘Some songs by Adrian Harvey.’

About the Music

Temporary Position is an album containing 10 songs written by Adrian Harvey. They were recorded with Simon Ash between 2007 and 2014.

I don’t know what genre to place these songs in. I get a bit of folksy ukulele followed by something that could’ve been inspired by The Beach Boys. There is a bit of contemporary pop and easy listening in there too. Listen and make your own mind up. I’m not a musician however, so please feel free to comment below and shout at me if you disagree. Right, on to the main feature – the songs.

WARNING: Many songs in the album have an ethereal feel to them. The harmonies are beautifully interwoven with layered voices that can render you relaxed. If you are not looking to achieve a state of relaxation, I suggest you walk away from the play button now and resume a more stressful activity.

The first song, ‘Temporary Position,’ suggests that every moment in life is a temporary position. In fact, several of the songs are bordering on philosophical and leave the listener with some thoughts on the meaning (or lack of meaning) of life. ‘Yes or no?’ leaves you feeling stuck in a place, exactly like the lyrics suggest. It’s like a kick in the head; make the most of your opportunities or you will always be stuck in a place.

‘Ladies and gentlemen,’ is an excellent song which tells the story of a sad singer who is being ignored by his audience, and whose hopes and dreams are firmly fixed on the big-time. There is an element of this person in all of us. We all dream of achieving something big and wanting to break the restraints of the daily grind, but like our sad singer, we are stuck and ignored by most. If you’re in the arts, you are further ignored and opened up to ridicule for very little or no reward. This song tells that story effectively, it is relatable and takes our imaginations through the plight of the struggling artist. At this point I must add, ‘Ladies and gentlemen,’ featured in independent film, ‘Checking in (2014).’ The film went on to win ‘Best British Film’ at ‘The London Film Awards 2014.’

I have to say, like any album I’ve ever listened to, I have my favourite songs. ‘Ducks,’ is on the top of that list, ‘The last person I want to see,’ comes very close. ‘Ducks,’ is a sweet stripped back song. The sound of the ukulele and Adrian’s voice take the listener on a little journey. In times of austerity or hardship, you date like it is suggested in ‘Ducks.’ It’s a fun, melodic song that will bring a smile to your face and make you appreciate the simple things in life.

‘The last person I want to see,’ is beautifully harmonious and sets the sombre tone of a song which is essentially about love. The subject of the song expresses his contentment with the person in his life being the last person he wants to see.

The whole album speaks of quite sad events and feelings. It doesn’t shy away from touching on depressing life changing events such as death and divorce (as in ‘For the sake of the children’) but it does portray these events in an uplifting way. By no means did I feel sad at any point during listening.

Let’s get to know musician/singer/songwriter Adrian a little better.

Questions and Answers

Me: Tell us a little about yourself and what brought you to music.

Adrian: I trained in art and design and had a couple of exhibitions. I found it hard to survive as an artist in the early nineties and became a postman who thought about music during the day and would gig at night. I’ve played to many an empty pub across Walsall and the West Midlands which is where the song ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ came from. As I got older and reality needed to be dealt with, I became an occasional weekend rock-star and a full-time stay home dad. Playing playgroup sing-a-longs and nurseries.

Me: Sing-a-long at nurseries, I bet the audience were hugely appreciative and bags of fun to entertain. Tell us a little about the parent/rock star life balance.

Adrian: I remember saying things about rock-stars never seeing their children and realising that I wasn’t the irresponsible rock-star I thought I wanted to be.

Me: A little bird said that you have previously auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent …..

Adrian: Yes, my daughter said innocently that ‘I didn’t really do anything.’ My intention was to sing and wave at my daughter during the televised auditions to prove that her dad was also brave and capable, as well as doing nothing! After initial interviews, I was filmed and interviewed before being asked another question. Then I opened my big mouth.

BGT: ‘So why did you audition for Britain’s Got Talent?’
Adrian: ‘Well I’m forty next year and I’ve been doing this for such a long time that I want to be either encouraged or so completely humiliated that I never want to do it again.’
BGT: ‘Oh, so you think Britain’s Got Talent humiliates people do you?’
Adrian: ‘Erm, well…’

Me: You’re not wrong there Adrian! (Zips mouth up before saying something she might regret). Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into your life and I look forward to hearing more of your music in the future. In he meantime, here’s how YOU can get a copy of Temporary Position.

The Giveaway

Adrian is giving away 20 copies of his album. To bag one of these you need to follow the YouTube links below, watch to the end, where his email address will come up. The first 20 people to send him an email will get a CD. Just write, “Hi, I’d love a copy of Temporary Position,’ and if you are one of the 20, you’ll get sent a CD.

All he asks in return is, when you’ve listened, drop a comment/review/like below either of the YouTube clips.

The link to ‘Ducks,’ one of my favourites:

‘Ladies and Gentlemen,’ as featured in the film ‘Checking in.’

Follow Adrian on twitter @drbinoculars

Article by @carlagriffiths
Facebook: Carla Kovach Author

21st April 2015

Album contents:
Temporary Position.
Yes or no?
Ladies and gentlemen.
The trouble with being someone.
Through the days and back to bed.
For the sake of the children.
Please don’t tell anyone else.
There’s no better life to get to.
The last person I want to see.


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