Icmeler’s Charming Offerings

I must say, Icmeler is one of the most stunning resorts I’ve ever visited in Turkey. It’s small enough to get your bearings with ease but large enough to offer you a huge choice of things to do. The bars are friendly, the shop keepers are helpful and the locals are generally very welcoming. There is nothing better than arriving at your hotel in the night, then waking up excited and watching the sun rise before breakfast.

I’ve picked out five ‘musts’ when visiting Icmeler. They are the things in life that tell me that I have arrived at this beautiful and unique destination.

1. The stunning natural beauty.


This picture says it all. Going back to that moment when daylight breaks and you can’t contain your excitement anymore, this is one of the views you will see if you follow the promenade towards Marmaris. Mountains upon mountains, the sun glistening on the gently lapping shores. The natural beauty that I describe has an awe about it, one that forces you to stop and inhale all it has to offer. Take time to stand and look, allow the image to tattoo itself into your mind, then go and get your breakfast. There’s nothing like a few olives and preserves, and the bread that is so unique to the country, to start the day ahead.

2. Walk along the promenade to Marmaris.

I would say it takes an averagely fit person about 45 minutes to get from The Munamar Beach Resort Hotel to the harbour in Marmaris. That might seem like a long time when the sun is at its fullest but there are plenty of scenic cafés to visit along the way. If you get caught short you can even pay a few pence for a toilet stop.

Who wouldn’t want to look at views like this while taking a gentle stroll?


When you reach the edge of the bay, the path begins to incline steadily. Because of this, I’m more than ready for an iced coffee at one of the cafés on the edge of Marmaris, and a read of the paper. Following a relaxing read and walking off the excess bread calories, (after all I can’t stop at one or two wedges), I continue with the rest of the walk. I love it when you finally reach the straight that leads directly to Marmaris Harbour. At this point I normally look forward to having another drink, quite often an apple tea, while admiring the magnificence of some of the boats and ships.

3. Take a walk up Lovers Peak or hill or whatever it’s called.


It’s not a long trek but it is one with a difference. Take the route past The Munamar towards the harbour and keep walking upwards. For a short while you’d be forgiven for feeling like you’d entered The Twilight Zone. To your right you will pass a really creepy unfinished hotel and apartment complex, and all the entrances to it will be blocked off by wire, fencing and rocks. This unkempt site is definitely worth a browse as you pass. As you get higher up the winding road, you begin to see hearts littering the road, the cliffside and the rocks that jut out, proving that true love really exists. This love graffiti is really rather sweet. Graffiti under any other circumstances and unless done by Banksy et al, is normally quite ugly, but this has a lovely honest feel to it. You can smile as you read the messages written by all the lovers that have walked the route.

Eventually you’ll reach a small peak. You and your beau, or your best buddie if you’re on a pals holiday, could get that selfie stick out and take a fab picture, but please put safety first. It’s a bit of a death trap up there for clumsy people like me and the breeze can pick up without warning.

4. Take a pre-breakfast dip.


Feeling brave? It really isn’t cold once you’ve dunked your head and if you’re lucky the ducks may have beaten you to the water. There is something really strange about swimming with ducks but this is one of the unusual experiences that Icmeler has to offer and although some people find them a nuisance, I found them quite endearing.

5. Travel by taxi-boat to Marmaris or Turunc.

On a hot day, there’s nothing more refreshing than travelling by taxi boat. The bus is cheaper but the boat is exciting. Look at that calm sea and blue sky in the photo, you know you just want to step right out onto that boat and embrace all the fun it has to offer.


Turunc is a brilliant place for a few hours. This little seaside village has some wonderful food, cheap cafés and bars, and plenty of nicknack shops to spend your hard earned cash in. Marmaris on the other hand is huge, bustling with activity and offers hours if not days of fun and discovery.

A note on rain in Icmeler:

On the first day of my last visit, it rained and I began to keep a diary of a bored holiday maker. It continued to rain on day 2. I’ll share these pathetic ramblings with you.

Monday (Day 2)

By golly this storm is bad. It rains, it rains again and it rains yet again. It rains hard and heavy, so hard even the touts don’t want to try for your business. Purchases so far – an umbrella. 10 trl spent on a green tartan umbrella, first souvenier of this holiday. That will invoke memories of boredom every time I use it.

The rainy day in Turkey is made up of long slow dreams of what will be served for lunch, then tea. What to do in between. I could go out and use my shoes as a rain collector or stay in and listen to the mellow lobby music which plays on a one hour loop. Yes, I almost know what’s coming next.

Wifi. Those four letters are a huge bone of contention – OMG, I’m stooping to using cliches. Anyway, that bone (wifi) is bad because of the storm. The staff say, ‘wifi will improve, we will send someone up to your room.’ Does the wifi work now even though it’s apparently fixed? No it doesn’t. I’m stuck in with only a couple of snowy channels in Russian I think, and no wifi. Time – it goes but it goes slow. I do exaggerate, CNN works. From music on a loop to news on a loop. I’m stuck in an odd loop. It’s not all bad, I don’t have to cook and the food is rather tasty, that’s why anticipation of meals times have become the be all and end all – oh b*******, another cliche.

I feel like slapping myself. I’ve realised what a whinge bag I am.

The place is lovely and the sea-view is stunning. There is something captivating about watching the thrashing of the sea against the rocks while rain-drops fall into the usually calm bay. It is wild, tempestuous, exciting. The wind howls and the palms sway and thrash. The room is clean, luxurious and comfortable. I must say our room cleaner is good. Two days in a row, the bed has been beautifully decorated with swan shaped towels and pink petals. All is not bad, in fact it’s bosting. No work, food and drink on tap. I’m off for lunch, check in tomorrow……..

There wasn’t a tomorrow as the sun came out and I succumbed to Icmeler’s relaxation spell, rendering me incapacitated when it came to doing much else apart from eating and resting. I’m a moany cow and Icmeler is wonderful. Bad weather soon blows over. Being in Icmeler is the best. So many options and so much to explore. If you’re thinking of visiting, book now, you won’t regret it.

If you are there or you’re going, I hope you have a holiday to remember for a lifetime, I certainly did and now I can’t stop going back.

Seni seviyorum Icmeler, see you again soon.

Feel free to add your own ramblings below. X

Carla Kovach
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Whispers Beneath the Pines
by Carla Kovach

Twenty two year old classroom assistant Eve leaves England for sunny Turkey with her four childhood friends and Kevin; her first love who she hasn’t seen for six years. The group plan to have one last adventure before they have to finally succumb to adulthood. What they think will be a week of sun, parties and romance soon becomes more sinister when they take a trip to the mountainous province of Mügla for the day.

Eve soon realises that things are not what they seem. She sees that something isn’t right but her friends are oblivious. Can she convince them all before it’s too late?


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