Death us do Part by Carla Kovach

Deep in the shadows of night,
I sit quietly and watch while you sleep
Alone, here with my poor tortured soul,
That you blessed but would not keep.
All my love, you greedily took,
And your intentions I couldn’t see,
Blinded by your beauty,
Beholden, you knew I’d be.

I remember. In the woods I watched him hold you,
Images embedded in my mind; that enraged.
Watching you from afar, I wait, I shake,
Seething; while my mind dug your grave.
Two nights passed by,
You head off out, alone once more.
As you left, I took the gun,
Following close by, I locked the door.

Brambles ripped my ankle open,
Blood spilled out, and then oozed down.
The pain vanished as I spotted your bare flesh,
My face pale, an uncontrollable frown.
Shaking body, with a lip that trembled,
Heart racing and banging hard.
I can’t, I just can’t let you go,
You stole my heart and it is now jarred.

The months of lies, the false smiles,
All the “love you’s” you proclaimed
I hope when you falsely smile to others,
It’s only yourself that you blame.
Him, the unknown, the faceless body, he’s nothing,
A burning lust; through deceit will be tainted forever.
In my hand, a cold, hard weapon,
With full intention, a guilty mind. I will severe.

Past the Oak tree, towards the clearing I crept,
In the quarter moonlight the metal glistened.
Catching a glimpse of the barrel, you shrieked as I spoke.
For a minute, I even thought you listened.
Tears, they fell. Pleas, they followed,
It was too late for regret.
I aimed the barrel to my head and pulled the trigger with conviction,
In my mind, you, him, your smile and your face I couldn’t forget.

All over in a burn and a bright flash,
I can’t now remember when it was.
But I’m sat here, watching my love sleep,
And burdened forever with my loss.
Not a loss of love, you could not love,
But a knowing, deep buried blame of yourself.
I know that one day with your dark heart,
You will rot pungently, deep in the bowels of hell.

But despite all that’s happened, I love you still,
And forever and ever, I will keep our vows.
It’s until death do us part,
I’m gone already and your death is how.
The end for you will come, maybe many years ahead,
But I won’t be the cause of your demise.
Like you were with me,
You were to blame, your deception hurt me. Such a shame.

The End

Check out my supernatural YA novel Flame.

Flame by Carla Kovach.

Suitable for young adults and adults who enjoy young adult literature.

Fifteen year old Sophie is a lonely girl whose father died. A lonely girl whose mother cares more about drinking than she does about Sophie. Tormented by dreams of her Father Ben’s tragic death, a ghostly boy and a blue door; she dreams of another world residing behind that blue door. At a new school, where she’s not popular with the teachers or the other pupils, Sophie meets Leila who suffers the taunts of the school bullies. Together they develop a close friendship, bonded by their unpopularity and unhappy home lives.

Spending time walking across Mill Fields to avoid going back to their miserable homes, Sophie leads Leila to an old derelict house ‘Sunflower Cottage.’ The house inspires much curiosity in the girls and promises to be a safe haven from their everyday lives. After a bad few days at home the girls decide to return to the house, not as curious visitors but as runaways. To Sophie’s surprise they find the blue door which draws them into a dangerous world with no obvious way of return; where danger resides in the house’s very foundations.

About Carla

Welcome to my blog! I’m the author of the DI Gina Harte Series, first book is called The Next Girl. I love and live for writing and reading (and sketching - haha). My other passion is filmmaking. My feature film 'Penny for the Guy' is a work in progress. If you enjoy a bit of horror, look out for it in the future. I'm on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Feel free to join me on other platforms. I blog about many random things but books, travel and art are my favourites.
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